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  • Media: Hackers from Russia help in preparing referendum in Catalonia

    Hackers from Russia are helping to support sites about Catalonia's referendum for independence and keep them operational, reported the newspaper El Pais, citing as a source in the Civil Guard of Spain.

    The newspaper notes that after law enforcement agencies blocked the physical channels for preparing a referendum, websites remain the only source of information on the lists of polling stations.

    “According to the Civil Guard, a group of hackers in Russia and its satellite countries are …

  • Russian national, owner of Spanish soccer team, detained in Spain over ties with Russian mafia

    Russian businessman Alexander Grinberg, as well as nine persons connected with him were detained in the Spanish resort town of Marbella as well as in neighboring Mijas.

    The representative of the Spanish Civil Guard (Gendarmerie) reported to DW (Deutsche Welle) on Tuesday, September 26th that the detainees are suspected of laundering money from the "Russian mafia," in particular, the Moscow organized crime group (OCG) Solntsevskaya, as well as the creation of a "criminal community" in Spain. …

  • Ukraine expels Spanish journalists, Spain voices protest

    Journalist organizations in Spain are outraged by the deportation of Spanish journalists from Ukraine who reported on the conflict in the Donbas, reports El Mundo.

    Antonio Pampliega and Manuel Angel Sastre were deported from the country on Friday after being detained at the airport in Kyiv for almost 20 hours.

    In 2015, Spanish journalists were added to the list of people who are a threat to the national security of Ukraine, which is why they were banned from entering Ukraine for a period of …

  • More than 300 Spanish soldiers from NATO battalion arrive in Latvia

    More than 300 Spanish soldiers from a multinational consolidated NATO battalion led by Canada have arrived in Latvia, as reported by the news agency LETA, citing the Republic's Ministry of Defense.

    The Spanish soldiers arrived in Latvia together with military equipment, including Leopard tanks, Pizarro infantry fighting vehicles, and cargo of technical support and logistics. In the next few days, they will be transferred to a military base in Adazi, where the NATO combat group will be deployed. …

  • Spanish politicians and businessmen visit Russian-annexed Crimea. Ukraine calls it 'an element of Russia’s hybrid war'

    On April 10, a delegation of politicians and businessmen from the Spanish province of Andalusia arrived in the annexed Crimea. According to RIA Novosti, the delegation included the president of the national assembly of Andalusia Pedro Altamirano and the federal coordinator of the national party of Andalusia (the city of Málaga) Salvador Garcia Urbano.

    “The delegation is already in the Crimea. It is expected to remain here until the 15th of April. During this time, a whole number of meetings …

  • Russian programmer arrested in Barcelona at request of U.S.

    The police of Barcelona arrested a Russian programmer at the request of the American authorities. According to preliminary information, 36-year-old Peter Levashov was arrested at the request of the United States on suspicion of involvement in hacking activities, in particular related to Donald Trump’s election campaign.

    The representative of the Consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Madrid, Andrey Konstantinov, confirmed the fact that he had been arrested. According to Levashov’s wife, …

  • Spain seized Assad's uncle's estates and accounts

    Spanish authorities have seized the accounts and estates of Syrian President Bashar Assad's uncle, Rifaat Assad, who is suspected of stealing $300 million from the Syrian treasury in 1984. The investigation into the case of a 79-year-old expatriate from Syria began in France, where he has been living for more than 30 years.

    French prosecutors suspect the former Syrian army officer of money laundering, forgery and tax evasion. Rifaat’s property in Spain includes villas in the Andalusian resorts …

  • Warships from four NATO countries will carry out air defense exercises during Black Sea drills

    On the 13th of February, warships from Canada, Spain, Romania, and Bulgaria will practice air defense maneuvers and responses to simulated enemy attacks, the press service of the Bulgarian Defense Ministry reported.

    “Tactical maneuvering, air defense, responses to different surface attacks, helicopter cargo deliveries, and other maneuvers will be practiced during these PASSEX-type exercises (passing exercise). These exercises will take place on the 13th of February in the Black Sea,” the …

  • Spain to deploy 300 soldiers to Latvia as part of NATO mission

    Three hundred Spanish soldiers will be deployed to Latvia as part of NATO’s rotational battalion in the Baltic States, as stated by Latvian Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis.

    According to him, preparations for the Canadian-led battalion are currently under way, and a meeting will be held in Ottawa at the end of January to discuss the logistics of the deployment.

    "Spain will also join the battalion, sending a large group of soldiers in the amount of 300 people. In total, the battalion will …

  • Spain puts Ukrainian businessman Dmytro Firtash on wanted list

    The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office of Spain has put Ukrainian tycoon and head of the Board of Directors of the DF Group, Dmytro Firtash, who is suspected of money laundering in large amounts, on the international wanted list, Deutsche Welle reported citing a representative of the Prosecutor’s Office.

    According to the edition, Firtash was declared wanted along with two accomplices, also citizens of Ukraine, whose surnames were not disclosed in the interest of the investigation. The …