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  • Russia officially looking for CIA agent Smolenkov

    The Russian government is officially looking for Oleg Smolenkov, a former Kremlin official who is believed to have been a CIA informant, RIA Novosti reports, citing information from the Russian Interior Ministry’s database.

    Previously the American media reported that the CIA had had an agent in the Kremlin administration who was exfiltrated from Russia and returned to the US in 2017. Two Reuters sources confirmed this information.

    The Russian newspaper Kommersant has speculated that the agent …

  • Kremlin confirms that ‘CIA agent’ Smolenkov worked in Russian embassy in USA

    Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova has confirmed that former Russian presidential administration employee Oleg Smolenkov, whom CNN considers a CIA agent, also worked in the Russian embassy in the US. She added that she did not know him personally, and that he was involved in economic matters.

    “At some point in his career he worked in our embassy in Washington. I have no more to comment on that. I did not know him personally, our paths did not cross. The only thing I know …

  • Russia asks Interpol for alleged CIA spy Smolenkov’s whereabouts in US

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has contacted Interpol in connection with former Russian presidential administration employee Oleg Smolenkov showing up in the US. Recently there have been reports in the media that the former Russian diplomat was actually a CIA agent who was exfiltrated to the US for his own safety. In Russia, he was considered missing.

    “A Russian citizen disappeared in a foreign country along with his family. On this matter, as far as we know, a criminal case was immediately …

  • Russian government confirms US spy was working in Kremlin

    Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov confirmed the reports that a US intelligence agent had been operating in the Russian Presidential Administration.

    Oleg Smolenkov, who is linked to a recent US-Russia espionage scandal, actually worked in the Russian Presidential Administration, but at a low level.

    According to Peskov, Smolenkov “was fired several years ago, his position did not fall under the category of senior officials, the so-called decree positions, however he was fired around two or …