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  • Belarus to hike tariff on Russian oil transit

    Effective 1 August, Belarus will sharply increase the tariff on the transit of Russian oil to Europe.

    According to the Interfax news agency, the Belarusian pipeline operating company Gomeltransneft Druzhba notified the Russian oil transit company Transneft about the changes through a letter sent on 1 July.

    The cost of pumping oil through the Druzha pipeline, which accounts for 20% of all Russia’s oil exports, will be hiked by 21.7%.

    The letter states that this is necessary in order to …

  • Speaker of the Slovak Parliament opposes deployment of US troops in the country

    The Speaker of Parliament, Andrej Danko, commenting on the Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak’s visit to the United States, said that the purpose of the talks in Washington is to conclude a new military cooperation agreement, reports ParlamentneListy news website. “We will insist that the new agreement does not contain a word about the possibility of temporary or permanent deployment of the Unites States troops on the Slovak territory,” said the Speaker of Parliament.

    Danko stressed that …

  • Slovak Foreign Ministry summons Russian ambassador over Crimea comments

    The Russian ambassador to Bratislava has been summoned to the Slovak Foreign Ministry and reprimanded for publicly criticizing statements by a Slovak official concerning the illegal annexation of Crimea.

    On February 26, Slovak State Defense Secretary Robert Ondrejcsak wrote that now, five years after the annexation of Crimea, “war is not taboo in Europe” and that “whether we want it or not, for the Russians we are the enemies”.

    In a social network post, the Russian embassy to Slovakia …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister: several foreign ministers will visit Donbas

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin announced the visit of “several foreign colleagues” to the Donbas on January 15, particularly the Foreign Minister of Slovakia, Miroslav Lajčák, Interfax-Ukraine reports. 

    "Many Ministers of our friendly countries will visit Mariupol next week. The new OSCE Head, Mr. Lajčák will also visit the Donbas. I will not say where we are going, for safety reasons. And there will be many contacts,” Klimkin said. According to the media, the Foreign Ministers of …

  • Slovakia expels Russian diplomat over alleged espionage

    Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini said that an employee of the Russian Embassy was expelled to Russia on November 22.

    Slovakia expelled a Russian diplomat due to alleged espionage. The Slovak government made a decision to expel the diplomat based on the data of military intelligence. Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini stated that the employee of the Russian Embassy was expelled on November 22 and he left the country within 48 hours. The name of the alleged spy has not been published. …

  • President of Slovakia: Nord Stream 2 is a purely political project

    The President of Slovakia, Andrei Kiska, at a joint briefing with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, announced that Nord Stream 2 is a purely political project, reports "112 Ukraine".

    "Slovakia has always emphasized that this is not economic, but a political project, and it is very important to understand this when someone constantly repeats that this is only a business project. Absolutely not! This is a purely political project," said Kiska.

    In turn, Petro Poroshenko added that today …

  • Slovakia opens the first criminal case for participation in the war in Donbas

    For the first time, a citizen of Slovakia has been charged for taking part in the war in the East of Ukraine, Slovak police reported on Facebook.

    According to the investigation, Mario, a local resident whose last name was not disclosed, has been fighting on the side of pro-Russian militants since July 2015. He has been charged in absentia with taking part in hostilities as part of an organized armed group in the territory of another state. If Mario returns to Slovakia, he may face up to eight …

  • Slovak president: Russian Night Wolves biker gang was involved in annexation of Crimea

    President of the Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska said in an address on July 31 that the Russian motorcyclist club, the “Night Wolves”, took part in the military operation in Crimea, alongside the special divisions of the Russian army.

    “The Night Wolves are an instrument of the regime, engaging in the seizure of the neighboring country’s territory – the annexation of part of Ukraine, which contravenes international law,” the Slovak president observed. He drew attention to the fact that Slovakia …

  • A group of Slovak MPs is set to visit annexed Crimea

    Several deputies from Slovakia have decided to visit the Crimean peninsula, which was annexed, from Ukraine by the Russian Federation, despite the ambassador’s warning that this would violate the law, reported Slovak SME (The Slovak Spectator) news outlet.

    Last week, a group of deputies, led by the independent MP Peter Marcek, announced that they are going to visit the Crimea in August. They also informed that they are planning to travel to the Crimean peninsula from Moscow.

    In response, …

  • Slovakia to replace Russian MiG-29 aircraft with American F-16 fighters

    The government of Slovakia agreed to buy fourteen F-16 fighter jets to replace their aging Russian MiG-29 aircraft.   “We picked the best solution because they are modern machines that we can afford from a price point of vew, quality and capability point of view, and that have no competition, Defence Minister Peter Gajdos said. The country also plans to cancel its maintenance contract with Russia for its MiG-29 that would have lasted until autumn 2019.   The cost of contract with the US has not …