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  • Siemens files lawsuit over the shipment of its turbines to Crimea

    The Siemens concern filed a lawsuit at the Moscow Arbitration Court regarding the shipment of its gas turbines to Crimea. The case file makes it apparent that the respondents in the case initiated on July 10 will be the companies Technopromexport PLC, Technopromexport LLC, and Siemens Gas Turbines Technologies LLC.

    “A lawsuit has been filed. As we announced earlier in the statement, it will be directed against those  who bear responsibility for this, and specifically against the management of …

  • Kremlin: Thermal power plant will be built in Crimea even if Siemens withdraws turbines

    When asked about a possible withdrawal of Siemens turbines from the Crimea, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak stated that a thermal power plant will be built in the Crimea even if Siemens withdraws the turbines which were shipped to the peninsula.  

    “The project will be realized in any event, because the construction of generation is necessary there. The company will realize it, I believe, according to the technical decisions which were made, and according to current legislation. As far …

  • Siemens warns that it will not service illegally imported turbines in Crimea

    The German company Siemens AG has stated that it will not service its turbines that have been illegally imported from Russia to the annexed Crimea, if this information is confirmed.

    According to the company’s statement, Siemens has taken all possible legal measures to prevent such an import of the company's products into the Crimea, which is under sanctions, and will take appropriate operative measures to prevent illegal use of the equipment; namely, it will not provide any deliveries or …