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  • Lavrov outraged by Abe's statements about US involvement in the peace treaty between Russian and Japan

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that statements by the Adviser to the Prime Minister of Japan about US interest in the negotiations in Moscow and Tokyo on a peace treaty were outrageous,  Interfax reports.

    “As for the statement by the Assistant Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, Prime Minister Abe, that the US should be interested in concluding an agreement between Russia and Japan, since this will, as he described it, strengthen the bloc [of countries] which would …

  • Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Abe to negotiate peace treaty on January 22

    Negotiations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe are scheduled to take place in Moscow on January 22. The two leaders will discuss matters relating to the signing of a peace treaty between Russia and Japan, the Kremlin’s press service reported. 

    “The plan is to discuss the state and development prospects of a bilateral collaboration in the political, commercial, economic and humanitarian areas. As a follow-up to the agreements achieved during …

  • Lavrov: Russia will not give the Kuril Islands to Japan

    After the meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the Kuril Islands are and will remain Russia’s territory.

    “The sovereignty over the islands is non-negotiable. We drew attention to the fact these islands are designated as a northern territory in Japan’s legislation, which is, of course, unacceptable,” Lavrov said. 

    He pointed out that no peace agreement can be concluded if Japan does not recognize the results of World War II. 

    “I …

  • Kremlin: Russia wants no US involvement in the peace process with Japan

    The Russian Foreign Ministry opposes the inclusion of the United States in the negotiations process with Japan, said the Ministry’s official representative, Maria Zakharova on Channel Russia 1.

    “Suddenly, the third party appears again in this bilateral dialogue established thanks to political will expressed by our government. And what is interesting about it is that we hear surprising and strange statements made by Japan in the USA that Japan is waiting for the support of the USA, or even …

  • US will not deploy troops in South Kurils if given to Japan

    The US does not intend to deploy troops on the southern Kuril islands if Russia gives them back to Japan, Lieutenant General Jerry Martinez, Commander of the US Forces in Japan, said in a press conference. 

    “At this stage the US has no plans to deploy troops there,” Martinez said. 

    On January 5, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe said that the Japan-Russia peace treaty negotiations had reached a “decisive moment”. He noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin also wants to put an end to the …

  • Russia summons Japanese ambassador due to statements about Kuril islands

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned Japanese Ambassador Toyohisa Kozuki due to statements made by the Japanese government on the Kuril islands, the ministry reported on its official website. 

    The ambassador was summoned due to statements by Tokyo that Japan would “waive” its claims to compensation for the Kuril islands. His attention was also drawn to statements by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe that the islands may be given back to Japan with the consent of the Russian citizens …

  • Japanese Prime Minister promises to conclude Kuril island negotiations with Russia

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe has promised to make every effort to finish the current negotiations with Russia and sign a peace treaty, the TV channel NHK reports.

    Shinzo Abe and his wife traveled to the homeland of his ancestors, the city of Nagato in the Yamaguchi Prefecture, and visited the grave of his father, Shintaro Abe. Shintaro served as Japan’s foreign minister between 1982 and 1986, and also worked to improve relations between Moscow and Tokyo.

    “I swore on my ancestors’ grave …

  • Moscow: There will be no referendum in Russia on accession of Kuril Islands to Japan

    There will be no referendums or polls in the Kuril Islands about incorporating the islands into Japan, member of the Duma Committee on International Affairs Anton Morozov told RIA Novosti. 

    Earlier, in an interview with the Asahi TV channel, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that Japan intends to incorporate the Southern Kuril Islands. However, Japan's position on the territorial dispute with Russia does not imply the eviction of Russians living there. 

    “The Russian Federation has a …

  • Japanese Prime Minister promises to consider opinions of Kurils residents when Russia hands the islands over

    In an interview on the TV channel Asahi, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that if Russia hands over some of the Kuril islands, Japan will definitely take into account the opinion of the local residents. 

    According to Abe, the negotiations with Russia will not initially mean a forced relocation of Russians from the islands. 

    “It must happen in such a way that the Russians living there agree to the transition of ownership to Japan,” the Japanese prime minister explained. 

    He noted that …

  • Russia expresses concerns over deployment of missile defense systems in Japan

    Russia will take Japan’s deployment of ground-based anti-missile defense systems (ABM) into account in its military planning, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in a statement published on the Foreign Ministry's website.

    "The systems deployed on Japanese territory are technically and functionally identical to the American ones; precisely, those capable of launching both interceptor missiles and assault cruise missiles," Ryabkov said.

    The Deputy Minister noted that Moscow is …