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  • Russia sends guided-missile destroyer Severomorsk to the Black Sea

    On Wednesday morning, the guided-missile destroyer Severomorsk (hull number 519) of the Russian Northern Fleet  entered the Black Sea, as reported by Bosphorus Strait marine spotter Yoruk Isik, on his Twitter blog.

    “Russia brings real fire power to Black Sea. Backbone of the Fleet: Project 1155 Northern Fleet Udaloy class destroyer, armed with SA-N-9 Gauntlet/Kinzhal & SS-N-14 Silex/Rastrub & 533mm torpedoes, Severomorsk 619 transited Bosphorus en route to Sevastopol,” Yoruk Isik wrote.

    The …

  • Russian nuclear submarines no longer 'invisible' to the United States

    Russian nuclear submarines are no longer "invisible" to the United States and can be easily detected by the U.S. military aircraft. The October 23-29 issue of the weekly Military-Industrial Courier newspaper published in Russia indicates that the U.S. "is actively working on new ways to detect Russian submarines."

    According to the publication, during the recent naval exercises, officers from the submarine Severomorsk compared the flight trajectory of the American reconnaissance aircraft Orion …