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  • German Defense Minister: Russia should be pressured by sanctions until it fulfills promises made at Minsk

    Deutsche Welle reports that German Defense Minister Ursula Von der Leyen called for a tougher line against Moscow during an interview with Bild am Sonntag published on Sunday, April 22. "President Putin doesn’t appreciate weakness," she said.

    According to the Minister, by means of sanctions it is necessary "to insist on Russia’s fulfillment of the promises made at Minsk" until the situation is mitigated.

    Von der Leyen believes that improvements in relations with Russia are hampered by a …

  • Russian oligarchs hire US lobbyists to protect themselves from sanctions

    Russian billionaires Alexander Skorobogatko and Alexander Ponomarenko have hired professional lobbyists in the US after they were included in the US Department of Treasury’s “Kremlin list” this past January. A corresponding notice from the lobby firm Qorvis MSLGROUP appeared last week in a special US Senate database.

    The services that the company will provide to the Russian businessmen are rather abstract: "business interests [on behalf of Skorobogatko and Ponomarenko] and relations with the …

  • Japan cuts off Russian aluminum supplies after US sanctions imposed

    As a result of the U.S. sanctions against Russia, Japan will no longer receive aluminum supplies from the Russian company Rusal, stated Kunihiko Higashi, Director of Rusal Japan.

    “All further supplies have been cancelled,” the Director said. “Our customers informed us that they would not be able to make payments to the Rusal company for supplies because of the new sanctions imposed by the U.S. We have received notifications from our customers one after another.”

    Higashi stated that the cargo …

  • Kremlin bans Russia's state-owned corporations Roskosmos and Rosatom from entering US market

    Without waiting for the results of the State Duma’s discussion of a package of counter-sanctions, the Russian government has banned the State Corporation for Space Activities, Roskosmos, and the state nuclear energy corporation, Rosatom, from making contracts with companies from countries that uphold anti-Russian sanctions.

    The newspaper Kommersant reported with reference to a source in parliament and to the directors of the state corporations that the decision was intended as a response to …

  • Kremlin prepares for total economic isolation

    The Russian presidential administration and government are preparing for a further tightening of the anti-Russian sanctions as was the case with Venezuela, Iran and North Korea, with a ban on investing in state debt, the blacklisting of state banks, making it impossible to conduct transactions in dollars, and the exclusion of Russia from the SWIFT interbank transfer system, RBC news agency reports with reference to two federal officials familiar with the discussion process, and a source close …

  • EU considers extending sanctions against Russia for another year

    The EU may extend the duration of the economic sanctions against Russia by one year instead of six months, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius announced upon arriving at the EU Council session in Luxembourg, TASS reports.“Additional sanctions or at least an extension of the sanctions by 12 months instead of six could become a reality,” he said.

    On December 21, 2017, the Council of the EU prolonged the sanctions against Russia by six months, moving the expiry date to July 31, 2018. …

  • Ukraine prepares sanctions list of companies involved in construction of Kerch Bridge

    Ukraine's Ministry of Infrastructure monitors all companies working on the construction of the Kerch Bridge in the annexed Crimea, as reported by ” by Volodymyr Omelyan, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, in the commentary to "Krym. Realii TV".

    “We are tracking all contracted organizations working on this site and adding them to the sanctions list,” the minister said. “We also inform other states—allies of Ukraine—about the blacklisting of these companies. As for the equipment itself, …

  • Bank handling transactions between Russia and Syria placed under US sanctions

    Last week, the bank Russian Finance Corporation (RFC) fell under US sanctions. It was the primary bank for transactions between Syria and Russia, The Bell news outlet writes.

    Officially the US government stated that RFC was included on the sanctions list because it belongs to Rosoboronexport, which has shipped billions of dollars of weapons to Syria in the last decade, and has also given material, financial and technological support to the country’s government.

    One of The Bell’s sources out …

  • Russia intends to create offshore zones to help oligarchs under sanctions

    Russian authorities are discussing a project to create special offshore zones to support businessmen who fell under US sanctions, reported Vedomosti newspaper.

    Vedomosti’s sources say that offshore zones could be establoished on Oktyabrsk Island in Kaliningrad and on Russky Island in the Far East. The draft bill was developed by the Ministry of Economic Development and it is now under peer review by the relevant departments. The Ministry plans for its adoption during the spring session.

    As …

  • Russian oligarch Deripaska expresses disappointment over sanctions imposed on him

    Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, who was recently placed on the expanded U.S. Department of Treasury sanction list, called the decision “ungrounded”, the Interfax news agency reports.

    “The events that happened yesterday were unpleasant but not unexpected,” Deripaska said. “The reasons for my inclusion on the sanction list are unjustified, ridiculous and downrightly absurd.”

    The oligarch refused to provide lengthier comments on the situation, noting that currently he “was preparing to …