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  • Canada expressed unanimous support of Ukraine

    The Government of Canada supports Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression and refuses to lift sanctions against Moscow, the President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) Paul Grod said, Ukrinform reports.

    "There is almost unanimous support of Ukraine among the members of Parliament, understanding that Russia is an aggressor and that one of the key mechanisms to deter the Russian Federation is sanctions," he stated.

    "Canada has no risk of lifting sanctions. Moreover, there is no …

  • Volker: US ready to partially remove sanctions from Russia if Kremlin implements the Minsk agreements

    The United States is ready to partially lift sanctions against Russia after full implementation of the Minsk agreements in the Donbas,stated US special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker in an interview with Echo of Moscow.

    "It's very simple, very, very simple. Secretary of State Tillerson, Pentagon chief James Mattis, [and] the US president have spoken about this: we want to see the restoration of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, [and] security and protection for all …

  • Former Chancellor of Germany Schroder: lifting sanctions may be a step towards rapprochement with Russia

    Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said that rapprochement between Russia and Germany is impossible without Vladimir Putin.

    "Managing Russia is not an easy task. Rather, [Germany] must proceed from the fact that it will not be better after Putin. A step towards rapprochement could lead to the gradual lifting of reciprocal sanctions," Schröder told the Rheinische Post.

    In addition, he commented on his chairmanship of the Rosneft Board of Directors, which became public in September. …

  • US Special Representative for Ukraine: Russia motivated only by sanctions

    In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa, US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker called the outgoing year the most violent since the beginning of the conflict in the Donbas, saying that sanctions against the Russian Federation should continue.

    In addition, Volker called the impression that the crisis in eastern Ukraine was over "absolutely mistaken".

    "The year 2017 was the most violent year. The number of violations of the ceasefire has increased, the number of dead …

  • EU extends sanctions against Russia until August 2018

    The Council of the European Union has extended sanctions against Russia until July 31, 2018.

    “On December 21, 2017, the Council extended economic sanctions against specific sectors of the Russian economy until July 31, 2018,” the report stated of the European Council.

    Initially, these measures were introduced on July 31, 2014 for a period of one year in response to Russia’s actions that destabilized the situation in Ukraine. They were strengthened in September of the same year and are …

  • Ukrainian politician: pressure and sanctions will force Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine

    Pressure and sanctions against Russia should lead to the return of Crimea to Ukraine, as stated by the Ukrainian Deputy Minister on issues of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons, Yuri Hrymchak in an interview with Apostrophe.

    "I believe that at some point keeping the occupied Crimea will become so toxic to the Russian Federation that abandoning it will be a salvation for Russia itself as a state," Hrymchak said.

    According to the Deputy Minister, a similar …

  • U.S. imposes sanctions against two Russian companies

    The U.S. Department of Commerce announced new licensing and export restrictions against two Russian companies that work in the military-industrial sector: missile designer Novator and research and production center Titan-Barricade, reports Radio Svoboda.

    According to the agency’s December 19 announcement, these companies are responsible for the production of cruise missiles which are banned by the 1987 arms control treaty between the USSR and the USA (on the elimination of small and medium- …

  • Russian Finance Minister: Moscow must prepare for new Western sanctions

    While speaking at a collegium of finance, treasury and tax authorities in Kazan, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that Russia is being threatened with new financial sanctions.

    Anton Siluanov, the head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, arrived at a joint meeting of Tatarstan's financial departments on December 16. He said that the country faces new financial sanctions, reported Komsomolskaya Pravda.

    According to Siluanov, the budget deficit needs to be reduced …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister: EU will increase pressure on Russia next year

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said in an interview with Voice of America to expect an increase in international pressure on Russia in the form of expanded sanctions and increased security assistance to Ukraine next year.

    "The EU is beginning to understand that other steps are needed, because Russia is waging war not only against Ukraine, but against the institutions of the European Union. Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany are increasingly saying that such a …

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria: The new Austrian government will follow the EU's policy of sanctions against Russia

    The future head of the Austrian government, the current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurtz, promised to adhere to the current policy regarding EU sanctions against Russia, as stated during a speech in Vienna on Saturday, December 16th, DW reports.

    At the same time, his partner in the coalition, chairman of the right-wing populist Freedom Party of Austria, Heinz-Christian Strache, said that he would personally prefer that sanctions against Russia be canceled, but if the majority in …