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  • US to help Georgia in fight against Russian propaganda

    The United States will help Georgia to fight against Russia’s hybrid warfare, Voice of America reports.

    With financial assistance from the US embassy, a series of training programs on strategic communication for civil servants was launched on February 20.

    “Today, when many governments, especially Russia, are actively using various means of hybrid warfare, and strategic communication has become a powerful weapon not only for shaping the public opinion, but also for direct implementation of …

  • Lithuania suspends Russian TV channel for a year due to content inciting hatred

    The Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission (LRTK) has decided to require re-broadcasting companies to suspend broadcasting by Russian TV channel RTR-Planeta in Lithuania for a period of one year, reported Delfi news outlet.

    The Commission claims that over the past year, three cases have been identified in which three separate violations were recorded linking RTR-Planeta programs with incitement to war and hatred.

    For example, according to the information provided by the LRTK, one RTR- …

  • Moldova enacts law banning Russian propaganda

    On Monday, a law went into effect in Moldova that prohibits television channels from showing Russian news and informational-analytical programs, as announced by the chairman of the Broadcasting Coordinating Council (Consiliul Coordonator al Audiovizualului - CCA) Dragos Vicol, reports

    According to him, the 30-day period – a formality – was up on February 11. “But according to Article 265 of the Civil Code, if the date falls on a day off, then the law goes into force on the next …

  • Ukraine and the Netherlands agreed to fight Russian propaganda together

    Ukraine and the Netherlands agreed to strengthen cooperation in in countering Russian propaganda and other hybrid challenges. A corresponding agreement was reached during the meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin, with the Minister of the Interior of the Netherlands, Kajsa Ollongren.

    According to the press service of the Ukrainian ministry, such increased cooperation is especially relevant against the backdrop of recent cyber-attacks on the banking infrastructure …

  • European Parliament to discuss issues of Russian propaganda next week

    The plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg will discuss the issue of Russian propaganda next week, stated European Parliament spokesman Marjory van den Broeke at a briefing in Brussels, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

    "Every month, one of the political factions has the opportunity to choose a relevant debate topic. This time, it will be done by the faction of the European People’s Party that chose the topic "Russia and the influence of Russian propaganda in the EU countries,” van …

  • Constitutional Court of Moldova suspends powers of President Dodon once again

    The Constitutional Court of Moldova, once again suspended the powers of the country's president, Igor Dodon, on Friday, January 5.

    The decision was made at the request of a MP from the Democratic Party, Sergey Syrbu, who addressed the Constitutional Court the day before.

    The deputy justified his request by the fact that the president repeatedly refused to promulgate the law passed by the Parliament on combating Russian propaganda. In the text of the appeal, he asked the judges to consider the …

  • Moldovan parliament approves the bill banning Russian news broadcasts

    On December 22, the Moldovan parliament voted again for the bill banning Russian propaganda, which the country's president, Igor Dodon had previously refused to sign, reported news website.

    Maxim Lebedinsky, the Moldovan president’s legal advisor said that this project is contrary to the Constitution and has nothing to do with ensuring the information security of the country. He also stated that the provisions of the document contradicted the European Convention on Human Rights.

    " …

  • EU to allocate 1 million euro annually to counter fake news coming from Russia

    The European Union will increase the funding of the working group that works on countering Russian disinformation and monitors the news on Russian media. Starting in 2018, 1.1 million euros will be allocated for these purposes annually for three years from the budget of the EU, Voice of America reports.

    The operational working group on strategic communications East StratCom Task Force was established in March 2015 by the decision of the heads of states and government of the countries of the …

  • Media: Russia used Czech Republic as a base for its attacks on Ukraine, EU and NATO

    The Czech Republic has become one of the bases for special operations against Ukraine, the EU and NATO. Russian special services tried to obtain "confidential information" of a political nature, the Czech News Agency reports, citing counterintelligence services of the Czech Republic.

    According to the media, the Russian special service "has a network of contacts in the Czech Republic, which they continue to develop."

    Last year, massive cyberattacks against state organizations and commercial …

  • Mogherini: EU counter-propaganda group reveals over 3000 cases of disinformation by Russian-speaking media over two years

    The EU’s operational working group for strategic communications, called the East StratCom Team, has identified more than 3000 cases of disinformation from Russian-language media over two years, said EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini.

    "It is important for us to analyze, predict and react to disinformation. For this reason we created the first working group on strategic communications within the framework of the European External Action Service ( …