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  • Spanish court agreed to extradite Russian hacker to the US

    The National Court of Spain approved the extradition to the US of a Russian citizen accused of creating a mass network of computer "bots" that were sending millions of spam emails a year.

    According to the decision made by the National Court of Spain, a special court that considers requests for extradition, Russian Pyotr Levashov should be brought to trial in the US where law enforcement regards him as one of the most infamous criminal spammers. It was reported that he has the right to appeal …

  • Media: Russian hacker awaiting extradition to the US complained to Trump about American special services putting pressure on him

    Attorney Vladimir Makeev, who represents the interests of Russian citizen Yevgeny Nikulin, the defendant accused of organizing hacker attacks on US targets, wrote a letter to US President Donald Trump in which he complained about the behavior of US special agents, Izvestia newspaper reports, citing the letter in its possession.

    According to Izvestia, Makeev called on the American leader to pay attention to "illegal attempts by the US special services to obtain false testimony from a Russian …