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  • Crimean authorities confiscated Russian passports from 500 local residents

    A special commission in the annexed Crimea is studying the legality of issuing Russian passports to the peninsula’s residents in 2014, a journalist from Sevastopol, Andrei Vasiliev, stated to Krym.Realii.

    According to him, the authorities of the Crimea have been monitoring and noting a variety of violations of Russian legislation.

    "Judicial contradiction began in 2014, when documents were issued to all citizens of Ukraine who had registered in the Crimea and Sevastopol. But due to the unclear …

  • Kyiv: Russian law on granting citizenship to Ukrainians infringes on their rights

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine urged citizens of Ukraine not to succumb to provocations by the Russian Federation to simplify the acquisition of Russian citizenship.

    The Foreign Ministry regards the Russian leadership's adoption of a law simplifying the acquisition of Russian citizenship by Ukrainian citizens as a complete disregard for international law, the Foreign Ministry said in a commentary.

    "We regard this step by the aggressor state as a continuation of legal …

  • Russian citizenship may begin to be issued according to birthright

    According to the chairman of the Committee for Nationalities of the Russian State Duma (Russian Parliament) Ruslan Balbek, a bill has been introduced in the State Duma that would establish a new principle of obtaining citizenship on the basis of "jus soli" (birthright citizenship) as reported by RIA Novosti.

    "The main criterion will be knowledge of the Russian language, as well as connection with the territories of the Soviet Union and the former Russian Empire," Balbek explained.

    From the …