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  • Two Russian bombers approach Dutch frigate at a close distance

    Two Russian Su-24 bombers flew over the Dutch frigate Evertsen 3 times, as stated by the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands.

    It is noted that the incident did not constitute a threat to the air safety and the frigate itself, but the maneuvers of the Russian aircraft were closely monitored. The surveillance was carried out both from the frigate itself and by 2 Swedish fighter aircraft who responded to the approach of the Russian jets and escorted the aircraft.

    The frigate Evertsen is …

  • Belarus to purchase Su-30SM fighters from Russia

    This year the Belarusian military will purchase a number of modern weapons from Russia, as was stated by Belarusian Deputy Defense Minister, Igor Lotenkov.

    “In 2017, we will procure Su-30SМ aircraft, radio monitoring systems, 120-mm 2B23 Nona-М1 mortars, multi-purpose unmanned aircraft systems, and conduct modernization of BTR-70МB1 armored personnel carriers,” as stated by the Deputy Minister for Armaments and Commander of Armaments of the Armed Forces.

    According to the General, Belarusian …

  • US accuses Russian aircraft of another dangerous maneuver over the Baltic Sea

    The US military has accused Russian aircraft of yet another dangerous maneuver over the Baltic Sea, Radio Svoboda reported.

    US Navy Captain Danny Hernandez, a spokesman for the US European Command, said that the incident took place on April 14th when a Russian Su-27 fighter jet "performed erratic and aggressive maneuvers" dangerously close to a US RC-135 reconnaissance plane during a routine flight in international airspace.

    He added the Russian Su-27 barrel-rolled near the RC-135, coming …