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  • Media: Russian fighter aicraft that crashed in Syria experienced engine failure

    The Russian Su-30SM fighter aircraft that crashed after takeoff from Khmeimim airbase in Syria on May 4 had Khmeimim airbase in Syria on May 4 experienced an engine failure.  The newspaper Kommersant reports, citing a source of in the military command, that there was a sharp drop in power of one of the engines before the fighter crashed. The exact cause of the crash will be determined only after the flight recorders are recovered from the water.

    According to the newspaper, the aircraft began …

  • Paris: Russian warplanes harass French warships off Syrian coast

    Chief of Staff of the French Navy, Admiral Christophe Prazuck, reported that Russian Military aircrafts have approached French warships eight times “over the past eight months.”

    Agence France-Presse quoted this information from Prazuck, who spoke before the Senate’s international and security commission on April 11.

    The Admiral noted that the French frigate has been located off the coast of Syria since 2015. He added that at the beginning of April 2018, the French warship Aquitaine was …

  • Russian Su-27SM disintegrates in the air during tests

    Part of the tail came off the latest Russian Su-27SM fighter during flight tests in winter last year.

    The incident took place in the middle of December last year, but only came to light recently.

    As reported by the Telegram channel “Mash”, the plane was being flown by Kitaev, an experienced test pilot, who was supposed to test the strength of the fighter and push it to its top speed.

    As the aircraft’s speed approached its limit, Kitaev heard a loud bang and felt a sharp jerk in the hull. In …

  • Russian warplanes intervene into NATO’s Arctic exercise

    The Russian newspaper Izvestia reports that Russian Anti-Submarine Aviation recently detected NATO’s submarines carrying out tactical drills in the Arctic.  Two maritime reconnaissance anti-submarine warfare aircrafts Tu-142 (NATO’s reporting name: Bear) had spotted and followed nuclear submarines of the Armed Forces of the United States and the United Kingdom participating in the Ice Exercise 2018 large-scale war games in the Beaufort Sea.

    Izvestia reports that the Russian warplanes also …

  • Putin approves development of new version of Sukhoi Superjet

    President Vladimir Putin approved a proposal to allocate 85 billion rubles ($1.50 billion USD) to create a new version of the Sukhoi Superjet (SSJ100), reports Kommersant, referring to sources in both the aviation industry and the government and presidential administration.

    According to sources, Putin approved letter MD-12748/18, sent on March 1 by the head of the Ministry of Industry and Industry and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Aircraft Corporation Denis Manturov.

    The …

  • Ukraine puts air force on high combat readiness as Russian warplanes approach its borders

    On Thursday, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine observed provocative actions by Russian Aerospace Forces for the second time in March, as reported on Facebook by the Air Force Command.

    “Fighter and bomber aircraft of the aggressor country carried out flights from the Shaikivka, Krymsk and Belbek airfields and closely approached the Ukrainian border, the line of delimitation between the mainland of Ukraine and the Crimea; they came within 40 km of the shoreline of the Black Sea, and …

  • Media: India disappointed with Russian Su-57 fighters

    The Russian-Indian program to develop and produce fifth-generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) is in danger because the Indian Air Force believes that the aircraft does not measure up to required characteristics. It would likely be out-performed by the American F-35 and F-22, reports Hindustan Times, citing its sources in the air force.

    According to them, the Indian leadership is not satisfied with the functionalities of the Su-57 but a political decision should be made regarding the continuation …

  • Russian Defense Minister reports that Su-57 fighters returned from Syria

    Two fifth-generation Su-57 Russian fighter planes have successfully undergone combat testing in Syria and have returned to Syria, said Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu. “They were definitely there. It wasn’t long, two days. While they were there, they underwent a battery of tests, including combat tests. There were two planes,” the minister told reporters on Thursday.

    “I can say that the tests were a success. The aircraft returned home a week ago,” said Shoygu. On February 22, it became known …

  • Media: Russia transfers two more of its newest Su-57 fighters to Syria

    Two additional fifth generation Su-57 fighters  have been deployed to the Russian airbase in Khmeimim, Syria, Sputnik Arabic reports.

    On February 22, Syrian blogger Wael Al Hussaini reported that Two Su-57 fighters were deployed to Khmeimim.

    According to him, he received a video from “friends” from the “Syrian pro-government news resource Syrian Military Capabilities.” Al Hussaini noted that this is “unofficial media.” He lives in Beirut and last visited the Khmeimim region in 2016.

    He said …

  • Russia deploys new Su-57 fighters to Syria

    Two fifth-generation Su-57 fighter planes landed at the Russian Khmeimim Airbase in Syria.

    This was reported by Syrian blogger Wael Al Hussaini.

    According to him, he received a video from “friends” from the “Syrian pro-government news resource Syrian Military Capabilities.” Al Hussaini noted that this is “unofficial media.” He lives in Beirut and last visited the Khmeimim region in 2016.He said that journalists and activists, including military and civilians who are supporters of the Syrian …