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  • Belarusian Ministry of Information accuses Russian media of insulting the Belarusian people

    The Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus calls on Russian authorities to take measures against media outlets that are challenging the sovereignty of the Republic.

    “An analysis of the information space revealed a recent increase in the emergence of information that is biased and, on occasion, blatantly destructive, towards Belarus, the authority of the country, and the Belarusian people, in a number of media and internet resources,” BelTA News quoted the Minister of Information, …

  • Argentina bans Russia Today broadcasts

    The Argentine government announced the termination of broadcasting for Russian news channel Russia Today (RT). The decision will come into force within 60 days.

    According to Radio Liberty, RT’s 24-hour news in Spanish began broadcasting in Argentina in October 2014 with great pomp. Its launch began with a general television program with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the then President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner as guests.

    Argentina's consent to include RT into the state television …

  • Poroshenko Refuses To Answer Questions Asked By Russian Journalists in Davos

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ignored Russian journalists at the World Economic Forum in Davos. As reported on Friday, January 22nd by RIA Novosti, reporters tried to get a comment from the Ukrainian leader several times, but upon learning that they were Russian media representatives, he flatly refused to communicate.

    A Russian journalist from the news agency Sputnik posed a question in English. Poroshenko asked what country he was from, and learning that he was from Russia, the …