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  • U.S. denies entry to a delegation of Russian General Staff heading to UN conference in New York

    Members of the delegation of the General Staff of the Russian Defense Ministry, which were planning to travel to the UN headquarters to participate in the Russian-Chinese military conference, were not issued U.S. visas, as stated by the head of the main department of international military cooperation of the Defense Ministry Alexander Emelyanov, reports RIA Novosti.

    On Thursday, October 12, at the United Nations, a briefing was held on the issue of the deployment of an anti-missile defense …

  • Russia accuses US of possible breach of truce in southern Syria, Pentagon denies accusations

    On Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry accused the Pentagon of a possible breach of the peace agreement in the southern de-escalation zone in the Syrian province of Daraa.

    This was elicited by what the Russian military considers “strange coincidences”.

    The Russian Ministry of Defense claims that initially they identified vehicles with large-caliber weapons, resembling the vehicles used by the radical Islamists, near the American Al-Tanf base, and then they documented the unobstructed …