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  • Kremlin: Putin launched four ballistic missiles during exercises of Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces

    Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the exercises of the Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces and launched four missiles, as stated by the spokesperson of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, TASS reports.

    "The Supreme Commander-in-Chief conducted the launch of four ballistic missiles," Peskov said. "During the drills, the interaction of the Strategic Missile Troops, nuclear submarines of the Northern and Pacific Fleets, and long-range aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces was …

  • Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs demands that Russia stop military conscription in the Crimea

    In a statement released on October 3 on the website of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine demands that Russia cancel conscription for military service in annexed Crimea.

    "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses its strong protest over the intention of the Russian Federation to draft citizens for military service in the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and in the city of Sevastopol," Ukrainian diplomats …

  • Russian Defense Ministry: More than two thousand Crimeans will be drafted into the Russian army

    In annexed Crimea, more than 2,000 citizens will be drafted into the Russian army for military service, as announced on October 2 by the press service of the Southern Military District of the Russian Defense Ministry.

    The military department says that the recruits "will fulfill their military duty on ships and units of coastal troops of the Black Sea Fleet."

    "According to the schedule, the first dispatch of recruits into the army is planned for the middle of October," the Ministry’s press …

  • Russian Army draft campaign begins in Crimea

    Since October 1, the Crimean authorities are launching an autumn conscription campaign in Sevastopol, following which 400 residents of Sevastopol will be sent for service in the Russian army, as reported by the Crimean Human Rights Group (HRG) on Facebook.

    On September 27, the website of the government of Sevastopol reported that this was announced at the   meeting of the conscription commission chaired by the Deputy Governor of Sevastopol, Yuri Krivov. Out of 400 drafted, more than 100 people …

  • Russia appoints combat generals to command its new army at the border with Ukraine

    The Russian Defense Ministry has selected the commanders of the Southern Military District’s 8th combined-arms army, which is stationed on the border with Ukraine. The leadership has been reinforced with combat generals.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a closed decree appointing the officers to command the 8th Army, and all the organization steps are scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, after which the 8th army will begin carrying out its task in full.

    The officers in …

  • Russia creates an electronic warfare system that simulates a massive missile attack

    The Radio-Electronic Technologies concern, a part of Rostec Corporation, has created an electronic warfare system capable of simulating a group missile attack. This was announced by the counselor of the First Deputy Director General of the concern, Vladimir Mikheev.

    "There are so-called false aerodynamic targets. They are equipped with a special electronic warfare system, which can create the illusion of a group of aircraft or cruise missiles in flight and simulate a false attack. The systems …

  • Russia deployed newest Terminator helicopters to its Eastern Military District

    The first batch of Mi-8ATMSH Terminator attack helicopters was delivered to the District Army Aviation Unit in Vladivostok, as reported by Russia’s TASS news agency citing the District’s Press Service. This was the first of the year’s scheduled deliveries.

    “New helicopters were delivered to the District Army Aviation Unit in Zabaykalsky Krai. They were accepted by the Unit Technical Specialists at the manufacturing plant and pilots tested the helicopters during a flight to their permanent …

  • Russia will form a UAV battalion at its military base in Tajikistan

    A battalion of drones will be formed at the 201st Russian military base in Tajikistan before the end of the year, as stated by the Commander of the Central Military District, Colonel General Vladimir Zarudnitsky, Interfax reports.

    According to the Colonel General, the battalion will be equipped with Orlan and Eleron UAV systems. The creation of the unit will make it possible to use considerable forces of unmanned vehicles "in a single information system” and improve the effectiveness of …

  • Russia deploys a division of Uragan MLRS to its military base in Tajikistan

    Russia’s TASS news agency reports that the Russian 201st military base in Tajikistan has been reinforced by a division of Uragan (Hurricane) multiple launcher systems (MLRS), as reported by the commander of the Central Military District, Colonel General Vladimir Zarudnitsky.

    "The combat capabilities of the 201 military base have been reinforced by a high-capacity division equipped with Uragan MLRS," said the commander.

    He clarified that the size of the compound remained within the framework …

  • Kremlin: Russian Army will be equipped with new ‘intelligent weapons’ by 2025

    By 2025, Russia will complete the work on building intelligent weapons, developing new robots and drones. By that time, the space group should be also upgraded, as stated by the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on “Saturday News" program of “Russia 1" television channel.

    According to him, these plans are part of the state armament program. Rogozin called it “innovative” and explained that the program includes new approaches.

    "First of all, it is the creation of intelligent weapons, …