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  • Putin promises to respond to US on 'oppression of Russian media'

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club that Moscow would act in kind in the case of the oppression of Russian media in the US, reports Interfax.

    "In this case, we would only act symmetrically, and fairly quickly," the Russian leader said.

    "As soon as we see concrete steps restricting the activities of our media, a mirror answer will immediately follow," he stressed.

    Putin also pointed out that the situation surrounding the Russian media in the US is …

  • Russia Today removes a fake video about New York 'Putin burger' from its YouTube channel

    The news agency Ruptly, a member of Russia Today (RT) removed a video about the "Putin burger" from its YouTube channel, Ruptly TV. The “Putin burger” was presented at the New York restaurant Lucy's Cantina Royale on the occasion of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s birthday.

    In the video, which was published on the channel on Friday, October 6, the restaurant waitress said that the burger with five cutlets was served with potatoes, sauce and salad and it weighed 1,952 grams, a reference to …

  • Russia threatens U.S. media with sanctions

    The Russian Foreign Ministry plans to take countermeasures against the American media in Russia in the event of continued pressure on the Russian television channel RT in the United States, the official spokeswoman for the ministry, Maria Zakharova, said.

    According to her, the same measures will be applied to American media and American journalists that are being applied to RT (Russia Today) in the U.S., and Russia will deal with both state and private publications in the same way.

    Zakharova …

  • Kremlin: Washington violates the US laws by declaring news agency Russia Today as a foreign agent

    The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova said that Washington violated its own legislation and the principles of freedom of speech when it said that the RT television channel is a foreign agent as reported by news agency TASS.

    “We conducted our own expert study of this issue. It was based on a study of U.S. legislation, all major U.S. legislation that regulates the activities of journalists, including foreign journalists,” she said.

    “The evaluation of the …

  • Russia Today's editor-in-chief: the TV channel may leave the USA

    Pressure from US authorities could force Russia Today TV channel to stop its activities in the USA, said RT’s editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan.

    "In the worst-case scenario, we leave the territory of the United States, and we do not broadcast there anymore. In the worst-case scenario, Russia responds in the same way to the American media. But I would not like this to happen, as I'm a journalist myself," Simonyan said in an interview with Itogi Nedeli (Weekly Summary) on NTV channel, …

  • US wants Russia Today to register as a 'foreign agent'

    The US Department of Justice has demanded that the Russian television company RT (Russia Today) register a company that provides services for the representative office of RT in the US as a "foreign agent", RT reports.

    A letter from the US Justice Department said that RT must register in accordance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), which requires the disclosure of lobbyists and lawyers representing the political interests of other states.

    RT did not name the company in its …

  • Estonia says it has every right to deny Russian journalists accreditation if they undermine country’s security

    The Estonian presidency of the Council of the European Union said that it has a right to deny Russian journalists accreditation if it considers that their actions are aimed at subversive activities, reported EUobserver.

    "Estonia reserves the right of not accrediting or considering as media such channels [like those belonging to the Rossiya Today group] whose editorial offices are not independent, who do not follow good journalistic practice," the Estonian presidency stated.

    Estonia also said …

  • Macron calls Russia Today and Sputnik news outlets ‘tools of propaganda’

    French President Emmanuel Macron at a joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin referred to the Russian state television channel Russia Today and the news agency Sputnik as "tools of false propaganda."

    On Election Day in France, Sputnik and Russia Today were not allowed into Macron’s headquarters despite several requests.

    He responded to the question as to why employees of Russia Today and Sputnik were denied access to his election headquarters during the election campaign. " …

  • U.S. Congress denies accreditation to the Russian agency Sputnik

    The Congressional Periodical Press Gallery committee, which deals with media accreditation, has refused to provide the Russian news agency Sputnik with a press pass, Radio Liberty reported.

    The Senate Periodical Press Gallery Director, Justin Wilson, stressed that accreditation is not given to media whose work is paid by a state.

    He also noted that the news agency could appeal against this decision.

    Sputnik correspondent Andrew Feinberg, Sputnik’s White House correspondent, called the …

  • Macron's team accuses Russia of interfering with their presidential campaign in France

    According to Le Parisien, French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron’s campaign team is concerned that their candidate has become the target of fake news and misinformation by the Russian Federation, which is interfering with their election campaign."Today we have to look at the facts. The main mass media of Russia, Russia Today and Sputnik, which are state-operated, have been disseminating false information [about Macron]. Then, the news is being repeated and quoted and it affects our …