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  • Russian human rights lawyer Feygin appeals to Merkel and Macron for protection from persecution in Russia

    Mark Feygin, a Russian lawyer and defender of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia and the Crimea appealed to European leaders asking them to protect him from persecution in his own country.Feygin wrote an appeal addressed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, which he then handed over to Ukrinform.

    "By the will of the circumstances, Germany and France are involved in the settlement of the crisis in Ukraine through the quadripartite ‘Normandy format.’ This …

  • Lawyer of detained Ukrainian journalist Sushchenko says he will be sentenced to 20 years in Russian prison

    Russian courts will sentence Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko to 20 years of imprisonment, stated his lawyer Mark Feygin.

    "Tomorrow, the wife and daughter of my client, Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko will arrive to visit him. This will happen on the eve of the ‘court hearings’ where he is going to be sentenced to 20 years for ‘collecting information about the alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine’ [according to investigators] in the summer and fall of 2016," Feygin wrote on Twitter. …

  • Poroshenko describes his last conversation with Putin

    Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko said that he spoke on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the arrest of Roman Sushchenko. The Ukrinform journalist is accused of espionage by the Russian authorities.

    “My last phone call with Putin had to do with Ukrainian citizens who are being held in Russian prisons. In particular, we spoke about the release of Roman Sushchenko… As a result of these negotiations, it was arranged for Roman’s family to meet with him in the prison,” …