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  • EU allocates 3 million euros to integrate Syrian refugees into Armenia

    The EU has allocated 3 million euros to integrate Syrian refugees in Armenia.

    This was reported in a statement published on the Armenian Foreign Ministry’s website following the first meeting of the EU-Armenia Partnership Council, which was held on June 21 in Brussels.

    “The Partnership Council emphasized that the search for a lasting and reliable political solution to the conflict in Syria is of paramount importance. To facilitate the integration of Syrian refugees in Armenia, the EU …

  • Number of Russian citizens applying for refugee status in the United States reaches a record high

    The number of asylum applications by Russian citizens in the United States hit a 24-year high in 2017, jumping nearly 40 percent from the previous year, as reported by Radio Liberty. Applications have been increasing since the return of Vladimir Putin to power in Russia in 2012.

    The US government received 2,664 new asylum applications from Russian nationals in fiscal year 2017 ending on September 30, which was a 39-percent increase compared to 2016. The 2017 figure is more than double the …

  • Two Syrian citizens asked for political asylum in Ukraine

    On April 1, the State Border Service reported that two Syrian citizens asked for political asylum in Ukraine in connection with the military actions in their country. The two women appealed to the border guards at the Kharkiv-Passazhirsky checkpoint during border control of train on the Moscow-Kharkiv route, the report said.

    The 37-year-old and 22-year-old women explained while being interviewed that they arrived in the territory of Ukraine fleeing the armed conflict in Syria and wanted to …

  • Polish Minister: there may be more than 2 million Ukrainian migrants in Poland

    Beata Kempa, Poland's Minister for Humanitarian Aid said that there may be more than 2 million Ukrainian migrants in Poland. 

    “According to our estimates, there may be more than two million Ukrainians in Poland. Of course, many of them stay here because of the conflict in Ukraine and this is the argument we want to present to the European Commission,” she said during an interview with Super Express in response to a question about the increasing number of immigrants from Eastern Europe and the …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister calls Ukrainians ‘saviors of the Polish economy’

    Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has said that Ukrainians working in Poland are saving that country’s economic competitiveness.

    "Nearly 300,000 [Ukrainians] have been granted work permits [by Poland], and more than 2 million have received visas, spending several billion euros (Polish statistics). To me, as a mathematician, this ratio seems very attractive to the Polish economy. Even without taking into account the fact that Ukrainians are saving the competitiveness of the Polish economy," …

  • Polish Prime Minister: Poland accepted 1.5 million Ukrainians, most of them are from the Donbas

    Poland has accepted 1.5 million Ukrainians, most of them from the territories where fighting is still going on, as stated by the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, during a meeting with his Hungarian counterpart, Viktor Orbán, in Budapest, Polskie Radio reports.

    "We have received 1.5 million Ukrainians, with the majority of them being people from the territories where military activities have been continuing. We estimate that at least several tens of thousands are people who have …

  • Ukrainian embassy refutes Polish prime minister’s statement on Ukrainian refugees

    The Ukrainian embassy in Warsaw has refuted the statement by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki that there are tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

    A statement to this effect was made by Svetlana Krysa, chief of the consulate department of the Ukrainian embassy to Poland, in an interview for the TV channel 112 Ukraine, Ukrinform reports.

    Krysa claims that compared to previous years, the number of Ukrainian refugees in Poland and of those wanting to acquire international …

  • Prime Minister of Poland: Poland will not accept refugees from Muslim countries

    Poland does not intend to change its position and begin accepting refugees from Muslim countries, stated the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki on Polish television.

    “We have not changed our position from that formulated by the Law and Justice Party (the ruling party of Poland) before the elections (more than two years ago), and we will not accept migrants from the Middle East and North Africa in Poland,” Morawiecki said.

    “At the same time, on the eastern borders of the European …

  • Polish Interior Minister: Poland will not accept refugees from Muslim countries, the country has already welcomed 1 million Ukrainians

    The Minister of the Interior of Poland, Mariusz Blaszczak, stated that Poland would not accept refugees as part of the new program of the European Union, reports the Polish news agency PAP. "We will not give our consent because we have already accepted the Ukrainians. For us the priority and the most important task is security. Such ideologically motivated concepts as resettlement and relocation should not put Poland and Poles at risk, “ said the head of Polish Interior Ministry after  meeting …

  • Polish Deputy Foreign Minister: Poland will not accept refugees from Muslim countries

    Poland will not accept refugees from the south, despite the promise made by the previous Polish government to do so, as stated by Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland, Jan Dziedziczak, reports.

    "The decision is binding, we will not accept refugees from Muslim countries. We, as the government, as politicians, simply implementing what our society wants from us, what we are obliged to do by our citizens," Dziedziczak said.

    He recalled that the previous Prime Minister of Poland, Ewa Kopacz, …