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  • Syrian Ambassador to Russia: Syrian parents are naming their children after Vladimir Putin

    In the schools of Syria, Russian became the second language and many parents in the country are starting to name their children in honor of Putin. This was stated by the Syrian Ambassador to Russia, Riad Haddad.

    "President Bashar al-Assad's decision to make Russian a second language in Syria is one of the elements of the gratitude of the Syrian people to the Russian people for their support. Many families even started to name their children Putin. It's not a secret that the children of the …

  • Putin calls up military reserve to service

    On April 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree calling Russian citizens in reserve to two month service duty in 2017.

    The decree was published on Thursday on the Garant legal information portal.

    Putin decreed to “call up in 2017 Russian citizens who are in reserve, to carry out military service for a period up to two months in the Russian Armed Forces, in the national defense bodies and the Federal Security Service bodies”.

    Two other sections of this decree are classified “for …

  • Anti-Putin rallies will be held in four Russian cities on April 29th

    The city authorities of Moscow, Krasnodar, Tomsk, and Novosibirsk are allowing an Open Russia rally to take place on April 29th, during which protesters will ask Vladimir Putin not to participate in the upcoming presidential elections. According to TV2, in Tomsk the event will take place at the Novo-Sobornaya Square. reports that the authorities of Novosibirsk also agreed to the event, but moved its location from the city square to the cinema building.

    In Krasnodar, the rally will …

  • At meeting with Putin, Kadyrov denied reports of murders of homosexuals in Chechnya

    At a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov denied Russian media reports about the detention and killing of residents of the Republic suspected of homosexuality.

    "I want to report to you that those provocative articles regarding the Chechen Republic, about the events that we are having; allegedly there are detentions, gentlemen – ‘good people’ write that we have detentions in the republic. Even talking about it is uncomfortable. Allegedly, …

  • Putin ratified agreement with Uzbekistan on military and technical cooperation

    Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law ratifying the agreement between Russia and Uzbekistan on the development of military and technical cooperation. The document was published on the official State website.

    The agreement determines the process for exchanges of military products and the establishment of a policy for cooperation in the spheres of development, production, operation, repair, modernization, and utilization of weapons and military equipment.

    It is also assumed that the …

  • Media: Merkel secretly passed a dossier on Putin to British special services

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel met secretly with representatives of the British special services on several occasions, as reported by Focus, the German news website, with reference to its own sources.

    The news agency notes that the latest meeting between the German Chancellor and the leaders of the British special services took place in October 2015, 60 km from London at the estate of the then British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

    According to the report, they discussed the terrorist threat …

  • According to Putin's financial disclosure, he makes less money than his press secretary

    The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin earned 8,858,432 rubles (157,243 USD) in 2016, as indicated on Putin's financial disclosure, published on April 14th on the Kremlin's website.

    Compared to the previous year, the President's income declined by about 33,000 rubles (586 USD). In 2015, Putin's income amounted to 8,891,777 (157, 835 USD).

    However, Putin's Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, in 2016 earned 12.8 million rubles (227,000 USD). The income of Peskov’s wife, ice skater Tatiana Navka, …

  • Russian President promises not to allow 'color revolutions' in the country

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that authorities will not allow "color revolutions" in the country. He made this statement in an interview with TV channel "Mir 24" published on Wednesday.

    "We know various theories that are being implemented in various parts of the world and lead to serious instability in these regions. Of course we must not allow anything of this sort and we will by all means take appropriate actions in Russia and support our partners in the CSTO (Collective Security …

  • Media: Meeting with Putin has disappeared from Tillerson's schedule

    A meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin has disappeared from U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's schedule.

    Voice of America’s White House Bureau Chief, Steve Herman, reported on this in his Twitter blog.

    "A meeting with Russian President Putin has been removed from Secretary of State Tillerson's Moscow schedule." Herman wrote.

    Tillerson is going to Moscow on April 11-12, after a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the G-7.

    The Foreign Secretary of the UK, Boris Johnson was going …

  • Six people were detained in Russia for carrying anti-corruption slogans during government-organized anti-terrorism rallies

    Six people were detained in Moscow during a rally in memory of the St. Petersburg Metro terrorist attack victims - five activists and journalist Denis Styazshkin, who photographed the rally in Gorky Park.

    At a similar event organized by the authorities in Barnaul (Altai Krai), 8 people were detained. On a video taken by Anton Podchasov, an activist from Barnaul, it can be seen that those detained were either people with anti-corruption posters or those who criticized the authorities.

    Public …