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  • Denmark approves construction of Baltic Pipe gas pipeline's offshore section

    The Polish gas operator Gaz-System, which is building the Baltic Pipe pipeline together with the Danish company Danish Energinet SOV, reported that the Danish government has approved the construction of the Baltic Pipe pipeline's offshore section, through which Norwegian gas will be delivered to Poland.

    The obtained permit applies to two sections of a pipeline with a total length of 133 km.

    The permit from the Danish government is the first permit out of three necessary licenses for the …

  • Norway to allocate $4 million for medical reform in Ukraine

    By the end of the year Ukraine and Norway will start the implementation of a joint three-year project in the field of health protection, reports the press service of the Ukrainian Embassy in Norway.

    The Norwegian government will allocate 37 million Norwegian kroner ($4 million) for the project.

    "One of the main goals of the project is the improvement of the Ukrainian healthcare system in the field of physical and psychological rehabilitation provided to wounded Ukrainian military personnel …

  • Norwegian spy asks Putin for clemency

    Ilya Novikov, the lawyer of Norwegian citizen Frode Berg, who was convicted in Russia for espionage, sent a petition to Russian President Vladimir Putin asking for clemency.

    "Yes, that is true, Berg has filed a request for a presidential pardon," said Novikov, as reports TASS news agency. Novikov declined further comment.

    In April this year, Frode Berg was sentenced to 14 years in prison for alleged espionage against the Russian Federation. The trial was held in closed session due to the …

  • Norwegian Embassy denies presence of Russian special forces in Norway

    The Norwegian Embassy in Russia stated that it has no information about the evidence of the presence of Russian special forces in Norway, reports Interfax news agency.

    "We do not have any information about the activities of Russian special operations forces in Norway or any evidence of such activities," states the Embassy. 

    At the end of September, the Norwegian news outlet Aldrimer reported that Russian special forces had been conducting reconnaissance operations in Norway, especially in …

  • Media presents proof of Russian special forces activity in Norway

    The “Flying Squad” Chechen special forces division has been operating periodically in Norway, Novaya Gazeta reports, based on an analysis of information gathered from social networks.

    The Russian news outlet gathered information from Instagram posts, especially photographs and videos of the presumed commandos, as well as geolocations and comments. Novaya Gazeta believes that they have been conducting operations in the Arctic since 2016.

    On March 2 last year, a user called bes_600 posted a …

  • Media: Russian special forces spotted in Norway

    Several news outlets have reported that Russian special forces were seen entering the Svalbard archipelago and mainland Norway.

    According to Aldrimer news outlet, sources in NATO and in Norwegian intelligence have reported that the Russian troops were studying the terrain and important infrastructure. The US has obtained satellite images depicting the Russian special forces troops in Norwegian territory.

    Oslo said that the incident was related to Russia’s military exercise in the Barents Sea, …

  • Norwegian F-16s scrambled to intercept Russian strategic bombers

    Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers flew over the Barents, Norwegian and North Sea. At several parts of the route, they were escorted by Norwegian fighters, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced.

    The department noted that Russian bombers regularly fly over the neutral waters of the Arctic, Black and Baltic Seas and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. These flights, the Russians claim, are done in complete compliance with international regulations, and do not violate the borders of any other countries. …

  • Norway concerned about Russian military exercises in Arctic

    Norwegian government expressed concern about the Russian strategic exercises Tsentr-2019 (Center-2019) which should start in late August in the Arctic. “Tsentr-2019 exercises are an alarming sign of the increasingly aggressive behavior of the Northern neighbor (Russia),” stated the Norwegian Defense Ministry on August 6 as cited by DW. Norwegian authorities indicate that the exercise will be held near the coast of the Nordland and Tromsø municipalities.

    “The expected Russian drills show that …

  • Norway detects radiation leak from sunken Soviet submarine Komsomolets

    Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority published a photo of the sunken Soviet nuclear submarine K-278 Komsomolets, reports the Norwegian TV channel TV2.

    "That's how the Soviet nuclear submarine looks today – 30 years after it sank in the Norwegian Sea. In the evening on July 7, researchers could make the photos of the sunken submarine for the first time," reads the caption to the picture.

    The photo was taken from a remote-controlled deep-sea vehicle. The goal of the expedition was …

  • Israel blames Russia for GPS failure over Ben Gurion Airport

    Russia’s actions are responsible for the radio interference in the sky over Israel, claimed a journalist specializing in air safety in an interview on Israel’s army radio station, Galei Tsahal.

    A senior Israeli official has already met with US representatives in Europe to discuss the radio interference in the airspace over the Jewish state.

    When asked by the presenter whether the developments should be considered cyberwarfare, the journalist said: “The interference can be called an attack …