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  • Seoul reports failed attempt by North Korea to launch missile

    North Korea tried to carry out a new missile launch, which was unsuccessful, the news outlet AFR reported, citing the South Korean military.

    “North Korea attempted to test an unidentified type of missile from the Sinpo area in the Hamkyong Province this morning, but we suspect the launch has failed,” the South Korean ministry of defense announced.

    Later the American military reported that the missile exploded virtually at the start. Its type is still unknown.

    "The missile blew up almost …

  • North Korea threatens U.S. with preemptive strike

    North Korea has issued a series of statements threatening the United States and its allies in the region, primarily South Korea, with a preemptive strike in the case, as Pyongyang said, of continuing American "provocations."

    In an interview with the "Associated Press" in Pyongyang, Deputy Foreign Minister of North Korea Han Song-Ryol said that his country is "completely ready to cope" with any threat from the U.S., and added: "If the U.S. comes with reckless military maneuvers, we will …

  • US prepares preemptive strike against North Korea before another nuclear test

    The US Navy nuclear-powered USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and its strike group approached the Korean Peninsula in anticipation of a possible new nuclear test or launch of ballistic missiles in North Korea.

    According to the American private intelligence and analysis company Stratfor, the carrier group is currently located west of the Japanese island of Kyushu and is crossing the Korean Strait to the waters of the Sea of Japan toward the east coast of North Korea. There, according to Japanese …

  • Media: Russian Foreign Ministry says that Tillerson has arrived in Moscow to bargain over North Korea

    The new US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is visiting Moscow.

    As reported by newspaper Kommersant, sources close to the Russian Foreign Ministry in the Russian capital expect that the head of the US Department of State will try to negotiate cooperation with Russia on the problem of North Korea, a matter which Donald Trump called his priority even before he was elected president.

    Despite the fact that Syria remains the primary cause of tension between Moscow and Washington, Russian diplomats …

  • Russian official: Russia may review its nuclear security measures if U.S. deploys nuclear weapons in South Korea and Japan

    The Head of the Defense Committee of the Federation Council of Russia, Viktor Ozerov, said that, if necessary, the Russian Federation might analyze and review measures to strengthen its nuclear security.

    Ozerov made this statement in response to the words of U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson about the possible emergence of nuclear weapons in South Korea and Japan to contain the threat from North Korea.

    "I do not think that the deployment of nuclear weapons in South Korea and Japan poses a …