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  • Russia says North Korea recognized annexation of Crimea

    North Korea considers the Crimea’s accession to Russia legitimate, as stated by the Russian embassy in Pyongyang.

    According to Russian diplomats, a new political atlas of the world has been published in the DPRK, in which the Crimea is painted in the same colors as Russia. The Embassy published photos to confirm it.

    Employees of the Russian embassy stated that they asked the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs to comment on the map. The response they received was that "the Republic respects the …

  • Putin says he knew about the existence of nuclear bomb in North Korea for a long time

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Kim Jong-Il had already told him about the North Korean nuclear bomb in early 2000, and that the situation had not changed in the ten-year existence of the country under Western sanctions, TASS news agency reported.

    "In 2001, when I was on my way to pay a visit to Japan, I made a stop in North Korea, where I had a meeting with the father of the country’s current leader. It was back then when he told me that they had a nuclear bomb. Moreover, (the …

  • Media: Most North Korean workers are returning home from China

    North Koreans who were working in China are returning en masse to their homeland due stricter rules for obtaining and extending visas after the UN Security Council imposed sanctions.

    "In the first half of 2017, about 20,000 North Koreans worked in the Chinese city of Dandong along the border with the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea). However, their number has significantly decreased now that China has strengthened sanctions,” Yonhap reports.

    On September 12th, Chinese authorities …

  • Media: Internet traffic from North Korea goes through Russia

    The Russian company Trans Telecom (TTK) has established an Internet connection with North Korea, reported the website 38 North, with reference to the database of Internet routing. The Reuters news agency also drew attention to this. The portal refers to the data of the Dyn Research Company, which studies the state of the Internet around the world and analyzes and compares the connections of individual networks and providers with each other. According to the data, the connection from TTK was …

  • Lavrov: the US will not strike North Korea because of Pyongyang nuclear capabilities

    The US will not attack North Korea, because they are certain that Pyongyang has nuclear weapons, as stated by the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergei Lavrov, in an interview on NTV channel.

    "The Americans will not strike [North] Korea, because they not only suspect, but they know for sure, that they have nuclear bombs," the Minister said. According to him, President Vladimir Putin, "more than once" said that "it is impossible to imagine" that the United States, or other countries have …

  • Ukrainian journalist: North Korean hydrogen bomb could not have been developed without Russia’s help

    North Korea has developed a hydrogen bomb, most likely with Russia’s assistance, as stated by Ukrainian journalist Alexander Demchenko on Ukrainian Channel 5.

    "I am more than sure that the hydrogen bomb, allegedly developed by North Koreans, was not made without the Russian Federation’s and the Kremlin’s participation, because China and the Russian Federation have these technologies. And surely, Americans do as well, but they will not share such technology. China would not do that either …

  • Putin: The North Korean situation is on the brink of war

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the situation on the Korean Peninsula is teetering on the brink of a large-scale conflict. He wrote this in an article on the eve of the BRICS summit, which will be held in Xiamen on September 4-5. The article was published on the Kremlin’s website.

    “I cannot ignore the situation on the Korean Peninsula, which has recently escalated and is teetering on the edge of a large-scale conflict,” said the Russian president.

    Putin stressed that, in Russia's …

  • Former Russian KGB agents have been hired to protect North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

    North Korea has hired former KGB staff as advisors to ensure the security of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun reported with reference to an unnamed source.

    According to the newspaper, around 10 former KGB employees will be consultants for Kim Jong Un’s bodyguards. It is likely that these are agents from the seventh division of the Second Chief Directorate, which was involved in counter-intelligence.

    Asahi Shimbun reports that the former Russian KGB agents were …

  • North Korea opens a tourist agency in Russia

    An official North Korean travel agency, NKorean, has begun operating in Russia, as reported by the president of the Russian Travel Agencies Union, Sergey Golov.

    According to Golov, the agency offers tourists the ability to visit North Korea and get acquainted with the cultural and spiritual wealth of the country. Tourist programs include visits to attractions and the opportunity to learn about the ideas of Juche socialism and a complete immersion in the culture of the country. The agency's …

  • US introduces sanctions against four Russians over North Korean ties

    The US has added four Russians and one Russian company to the North Korea sanction list, the Ministry of Finance website announced on Tuesday, August 22.

    Russian citizens Irina Huish, Ruben Kirakosyan, Mikhail Pisklin and Andrey Serbin were placed under sanctions. The list also includes Russian company Gefest-M, which the US treasury claims is connected to the Korean Tangun Trading Corporation. As mentioned on the US treasury website, Ruben Kirakosyan is connected to Gefest-M.

    In addition, …