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  • Germany to deploy Leopard 2 tanks to Lithuania

    German Leopard 2 tanks will be deployed to Lithuania along with German soldiers as part of NATO’s plans to create multi-national battalions in the Baltic States and Poland, TASS reported, citing a representative of the German Defense Ministry, Thomas Frueh.

    "Indeed, the decision was made to dispatch tanks, but we cannot say what their numerical strength will be," Freuh said.

    He also added that the tanks will participate in military exercises, and that their “main aim is to demonstrate their …

  • Lithuanian President: Russia's military activity in the Baltic is a threat to all of Europe

    Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė said that Russia’s military activity in the Baltic Sea is a threat to not only the Baltic States, but to Western European countries as well, as reported by Delfi.

    While commenting on the presence of the Russian Navy in the Baltic Sea and the recent deployment of nuclear-capable Iskander missile systems to Kaliningrad, Grybauskaitė said "There is no doubt that it is not directed just against the Baltic States, but against European capitals. This …

  • Lithuania expects to receive air defense systems from Norway before 2020

    NASAMS medium-range air defense systems, which Lithuania has purchased from Norway, will be delivered by 2020. According to the Delfi news portal, this information was reported by the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania, which has signed a technical agreement on the purchase of the systems’ components and missiles this week.

    The agreement, which was approved by the defense agencies of Lithuania and Norway, stipulates the conditions and the responsibility of the countries regarding the purchase …

  • Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs: Russia isn’t a partner in addressing the Syrian issue, but a factor of the conflict

    The minister of foreign affairs of Lithuania, Linas Linkevičius, stated in an interview with Die Presse that Russia isn’t a partner in addressing the Syrian issue, but a factor of the conflict.

    “Russia isn’t a partner in addressing the Syrian issue, but a factor of the conflict. The Kremlin wants to gain control over Syria by any means necessary, even putting humanitarian efforts at risk. Moscow stops at nothing. The shelling of a humanitarian convoy is a demonstration of this,” the Lithuanian …

  • Lithuanian court to summon Gorbachev over events in 1991

    The Vilnius city district court hearing the case of events on 13 January 1991 decided to examine the former Soviet statesman Mikhail Gorbachev. It was confirmed by the Baltic News Service (BNS) participating in the court hearings and Robertas Povilaitis, the son of Apolinaras Povilaitis who was one of the casualties in the bloody January incident. In 1991, in Vilnius, 14 civilians were killed near the Press House, Radio and Television Committee building and the TV Tower.

    Povilaitis earlier …

  • Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues note of protest to Russian Ambassador

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania summoned the Russian ambassador to Lithuania, Alexander Udaltsov, and handed him a note of protest regarding regular provocations of the Russian navy in the Baltic Sea. That is how Lithuania called on Russia to adhere to the norms of international law and principles of good-neighborliness, and intended to ensure that similar incidents don’t occur in the future, Delfi reported.

    The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry reiterated its concerns about the …

  • NATO AWACS reconnaissance aircraft will arrive in Lithuania

    A new NATO reconnaissance aircraft with long-range radar detection and AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) will land at the Lithuanian Air Force airbase in Šiauliai this week, the Lithuanian authorities reported.

    “It will be a symbolic visit of the NATO E-3A reconnaissance aircraft to Lithuania, one of more than a thousand flights conducted by its crew members to ensure the security of NATO’s eastern borders since the beginning of the Russian Federation’s aggressive actions in Ukraine," …

  • Lithuanian and Estonians MFAs: MH17 report will be eye opening for some countries

    The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and Estonia, Linas Linkevičius and Jürgen Ligi respectively, hope that the findings of the investigation on the MH17 crash in Ukraine, published by international experts, will open the eyes of some colleagues. The ministers made that statement at a joint press conference in Vilnius, Delfi reported.

    “Sanctions imposed against Russia have nothing to do with this but it will undoubtedly help to open the eyes of some colleagues,” Linkevičius said. …

  • Lithuanian Foreign Ministry: Europe should be united in sanctions against Russia

    Russia, rather than the European Union, should normalize relations with Europe, and the West should maintain consistency and be united regarding sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation. This was the opinion stated by Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevičius, UNIAN reports.

    According to Linkevičius, proposals to impose new sanctions against Russia will not find support in the European Union; that’s why it is useful to maintain unity around already-imposed sanctions.

    “ …

  • Linkevicius: Russia cannot be peacemaker in Syria while its the aggressor in Ukraine

    According to Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius, Russia cannot be a peacemaker in Syria after playing the role of the aggressor in Ukraine.

    “Tensions in Syria revealed true role of Russia. Being aggressor in Ukraine one can't be peacemaker elsewhere,” Linkevičius wrote on Twitter.

    Russia and the Syrian government have recently renewed their offensive on the city of Aleppo after a ceasefire in the war-torn country broke down early last week.