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  • Jordan backs out of plans to build large nuclear plant with Russia

    Jordanian authorities have decided to back out of plans to build a large nuclear plant with Russia. The reason was that Amman considers it too expensive, reportss the Jordan Times.

    Russia won the tender to build the plant in Jordan in 2013. The agreement between the two countries was signed in 2015. Original plans called for the station to become operational in 2025. It was expected that 51% of the project would be owned by Jordan and 49% by Russia. According to the plan, the station, with a …

  • Syrian authorities believe that Special Forces from three different countries could enter the country

    The possibility of invasion by Special Forces of the United States, Britain and Jordan in the southern province of Daraa under the pretext of fighting terrorism is causing fear among the Syrian authorities, the newspaper Izvestia newspaper reported on Friday, citing sources in Syrian military.

    “According to available information, preparations are being made for such an invasion under the pretext of combating ISIS,” one of the sources told Izvestia.

    Izvestia’s sources believe that it is …

  • King Abdullah II: Israeli and Jordanian jets intercepted Russian aircraft in January

    King Abdullah II of Jordan stated that Israeli and Jordanian jets intercepted Russian aircraft as they were approaching the edge of Syrian airspace, as reported by the Middle East Eye.

    Abdullah II told the US Congress about the incident in January, but the information was not disclosed until last week.

    Following the incident, negotiations were held between Israel, Jordan, and Russia to avoid an escalation of tensions.

    The Jordanian King noted that he warned Russia that there would be …