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  • Japan denies that they proposed allowing Russia to manage the Kuril Islands

    The Japanese Foreign Ministry denied information that Tokyo intended to propose that Moscow and Tokyo manage the four Islands of Kuril Ridge together. "We deny the report of the newspaper Nikkei that Japan and Russia are discussing the joint management of the northern territories,” stated the representative of Japanese Foreign Minister Yasuhisa Kawamura, Reuters reported on Monday, October 17th.

    "A fundamental position of Japan is that Japan will sign a peace agreement with Russia on the issue …

  • Japan does not recognize results of Russian elections in Crimea

    Japan does not recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in March 2014, and, therefore, the legitimacy and results of the "elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation," which were held in the Crimea on September 18, 2016, according to a statement by the Japanese Embassy in Ukraine.

    The Embassy also stressed that Japan “supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and does not recognize the attempts to change the status quo by force.”

    On …

  • Japan scrambles fighters to escort Russian military aircraft near its borders

    As reported by Interfax, referring to the self-defense headquarters of Japan, two Russian Tu-142 long-range anti-submarine aircraft were flying over the Sea of Japan from south to north along the coast of the Honshu and Hokkaido islands. Afterwards, they allegedly turned around and followed a similar route back. Japan did not register any airspace violations.

    In June, it was reported in Tokyo that Japanese fighter jets took off to intercept two Il-38 anti-submarine warfare aircraft from the …

  • Japan intercepts Russian planes near its borders

    Japanese military jest were scrambled to intercept two Russian Navy anti-submarine IL-38 planes off the Japanese Pacific coast. The incident was reported by the Command of the Self-Defense Force of Japan.

    The Russian planes approached the Japanese coast from the direction of Sakhalin Island, flew over the southern coast of the Kuril islands, then they made a detour to the east of the Japanese island of Honshu and followed the same route back. The incident took place on June 27.

    The Ilyushin …

  • Shinzo Abe to meet with Vladimir Putin in Sochi

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit Russia next week to meet with Vladimir Putin in Sochi, Radio Svoboda reported.

    According to the Kremlin, Abe will arrive on May 6th and will discuss economic cooperation with Putin. The two leaders are also expected to discuss international issues.

    The Japanese and Russian Foreign Ministers held talks two weeks ago.

    The meeting between Abe and Putin is viewed as a step towards improving bilateral relations between Russia and Japan, which have …

  • Japan promises Ukraine $1.85 billion if Kiev successfully implements reforms

    The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzō Abe, said during a joint press statement with the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, that Japan promises to provide support to Ukraine in the amount of $1.85 billion if Kiev shows pregress in implementing reforms, Ukrainian News reported.

    “For our part, I have the following intention: We will keep our promises on provision of financial support to Ukraine in the amount of $1.85 billion for the implementation of reforms. The Prime Minister added that they …

  • Japan criticizes Russia's decision to place armaments on Kuril Islands

    Japan expressed concern about the statement made by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu about the plans to deploy missile systems on the Kuril Islands. "We informed the Russian party through diplomatic channels that we are concerned about the statement of the Head of the Defense Ministry," the Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Suga Yoshihide, said on Monday. According to him, Tokyo made it clear to Moscow that the strengthening of the Russian military infrastructure within the disputed …

  • Russia to deploy missile systems on Kuril Islands

    The coastal missile systems Bal and Bastion, as well as a new generation of drones will be available during a planned upgrade on the Kuril Islands in 2016, the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, said on Friday.

    "A planned re-equipment of formations and military units are being carried out in the Kuril Islands. This year the shore-based missile complexes Bal and Bastion, and new generation unmanned aerial vehicles, Eleron-3 will be accommodated here," Shoigu said at the a meeting of the …

  • Ukraine to receive $311 million loan from Japan

    Ukraine and Japan have ratified a second loan agreement worth $331 million, reported the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance.

    A statement issued by the Finance Ministry stated that "Ukraine has received a long-term soft loan worth $331 million from Japan within the DPL II joint project with the World Bank. The credit is granted through the Japan International Cooperation Agency.”

    The Finance Ministry also noted that the term of the loan is 20 years with a six-month grace period. The interest rate …

  • Ukraine to receive $300 million loan from Japan

    Ukraine and Japan have ratified a loan agreement in the amount of $300 million. The credit funds should go to Ukraine in April, 2016.

    This is the second Japanese loan to Ukraine for economic reforms, said Natalia Jaresko, Minister of Finance of Ukraine, during a joint press conference in Kiev on March 4th with Japanese Ambassador Shigeki Sumi. Interfax-Ukraine quoted Minister Yaresko as saying “In April we hope to receive the loan funds in one tranche, which will be directed to the General …