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  • Hungary concerned about Ukraine's intentions to restore the military unit in Berehove

    Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó expressed dissatisfaction with the plans of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to restore the military unit based in Berehove, reports Yevropeyska Pravda, citing Hungarian publication

    "According to Szijjártó, he is worried that the Ukrainian army intends to deploy a battalion of about 800 people in the city with the highest proportion of Hungarians among the population," the report said.

    According to the Foreign Minister of Hungary, the …

  • Hungarian Foreign Minister: OSCE observers establish a permanent presence in Ukrainian Uzhhorod

    Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó reported on the beginning of constant patrolling by the OSCE monitoring mission in Transcarpathia, the  publication writes.

    "On Friday, the Hungarian Foreign Minister was informed by a letter from the Secretary General that the OSCE has established a permanent presence in Uzhhorod. The observation mission consists of 12 people," the press-service of the ruling Fidesz Party reports, quoting Minister Szijjártó.

    According to the minister, …

  • Kyiv: Hungarians in Transcarpathia will not receive autonomy

    Kyiv will not agree to give autonomy to Hungarians in Ukraine.

    Hanna Hopko, the Chairman of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, said this to while commenting on a prior statement by the Hungarian Ambassador to Ukraine.

     “Although MPs and I repeatedly and clearly explained to the Hungarian ambassador to Ukraine – there will be no Hungarian autonomy in Transcarpathian Region," Hopko said.

    According to Hopko, Hungary must respect the Constitution of Ukraine as …

  • Hungarian Ambassador assures that Hungarian autonomy in Transcarpathia will not harm Ukraine

    Hungarian Ambassador to Ukraine Ernő Keskeny said in an interview with Ukrainski Novyny that he is sure there is nothing harmful in the autonomy of national minorities.

    As an example, the Ambassador cited the situation in South Tyrol, in Italy, where the German national minority lives compactly. In the region’s schools, classes are taught in German and Italian is taught as a foreign language. In the case of Ukraine, considering the situation in the east of the country, the demands for autonomy …

  • Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister: Hungarian ambassador is overstepping his authority

    Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine for European integration Olena Zerkal spoke on Fifth Channel on Wednesday, March 7, saying that the Ambassador of Hungary has gone over his authority and that the meeting is scheduled regarding this issue with the Hungarian side. "We have a conversation scheduled with the Hungarians regarding the fact that his is overstepping his authority here in Ukraine," she noted.

    Zerkal added that Ukraine emphasizes its steadfast position regarding the education law and …

  • Kyiv: Russia behind the attacks on the office of the Union of Hungarians in Uzhhorod

    Pavlo Klimkin, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, believes that Russia is behind the attacks on the Society of Hungarian culture in Uzhhorod.

    "Thanks to the police for active work in Transcarpathia. Russian traces everywhere. ‘Hello’ to all who speculated on mystical, anti-Hungarian sentiments. I doubt that this is the last destabilization attempt,” Klimkin wrote on Twitter.

    On March 4, the police arrested three people involved in the attack on the Society of Hungarian culture on …

  • Hungarian Parliament adopts resolution to support Poland against Brussels 'pressure'

    On February 20, the Hungarian Parliament adopted a resolution "to support Poland against pressure from Brussels", reported the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

    Parliament called on the Hungarian government not to support proposals resulting from the country's membership in the EU that would restrict the exercise of fundamental Polish rights.

    "We’re calling on the Hungarian government to support Poland; to ensure that Poland avoids being stripped of rights guaranteed by the EU treaty; to stand up …

  • Hungary accuses Ukraine of launching an ‘international campaign of lies’

    Hungarian Foreign Minister, Péter Szijjártó accused the Ukrainian authorities of launching an "international campaign of lies" regarding the new law on education.

    "Ukraine has launched an international campaign of lies against Hungary and against the Hungarians living in Transcarpathia," the website of the Hungarian government quotes Szijjártó as saying.

    Szijjártó rejected the accusations by Ukraine that representatives of the Hungarian minority refused to come to the meeting and agree on a …

  • Hungary outlines conditions to start a dialogue with Ukraine

    Ukraine should refrain from implementing the law on education until it has agreed to the details of the legislation with minorities, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, Peter Szijjártó stated, Evropeyska Pravda reports.

    At a press conference in Budapest, he said that NATO had planned to hold a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Defense Ministers on 14-15 February, however, Hungary imposed a veto, and, consequently, the NATO Secretary General informed the member states that the meeting would …

  • Ukrainian Defense Minister will not go to NATO-Ukraine meeting due to the 'blockade' by Hungary

    The Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Stepan Poltorak, cancelled his plans to visit NATO headquarters this week due to Hungary’s decision to block the Ukraine-NATO Commission (UNC).

    Information that the visit will not take place was confirmed to Evropeyskaya Pravda by the Ministry of Defense.

    "The visit will not take place due to the lack of an agreed upon meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Commission among Defense Ministers," the Defense Ministry explained.

    Formally, it is not about the " …