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  • Ukraine to appeal debt dispute with Russia on Yanukovych’s debt

    By June 23, Ukrainian authorities intend to appeal the ruling of the High Court of Justice regarding the dispute with Russia over $3 billion of debt, the press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance reports.

    “At the session which was held in the British court on May 26, 2017, judge William Blair increased the period during which Ukraine can make an appeal by 14 days (from June 9 to June 23, 2017),” the announcement states.

    Previously the Ukrainian Finance Ministry noted that at the last …

  • Ukraine will appeal the decision on 'Yanukovych’s debt' on June 10

    On June 10, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine will appeal the High Court of London’s decision on the Russian Federation’s suit against Ukraine regarding Eurobonds worth $3 billion.

    This was announced to journalists by Ukrainian Finance Minister Oleksandr Danylyuk, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

    Danylyuk specified that this date corresponded with what had been previously planned and added that it might only be pushed back for one day at the most.

    On March 29, the High Court of London considered …