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  • Finland disallows Putin's friend to build a house near the military training area

    Finnish authorities have banned businessman Boris Rotenberg, who is close to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, from building a residential real estate near the military training ground in the Finnish city of Hanko, reports the Ilta-Sanomat newspaper.

    In 2016, the Environment Commission allowed Rotenberg to build a 350 square meters guesthouse in the specified location. The Finnish defense forces appealed this decision in court.  

    The first complaint of the military department, filed in …

  • NATO thanks Russia for 'assistance' during military exercises

    During the NATO military exercises Trident Juncture 2018, Russia created obstacles to the operation of the GPS equipment. Nevertheless, Russia unwittingly helped the Alliance forces who performed military tasks to improve skills, stated NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller, Ukrinform reported.

     “The representatives of the commanding staff of the exercises said that they expected such actions by Russia. They believe this helped to train better since Russia’s attempts to interfere …

  • Finland summons Russian ambassador after GPS disrupted during NATO exercises

    The Finish media reported that Russia’s Ambassador to Finland Pavel Kuznetsov was summoned to the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to the incident with GPS disruption during the NATO exercises.

    According to the Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs Timo Soini, the meeting in the Finnish Foreign Ministry will be Monday, November 19th.

    Earlier, the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that talks with Russia are taking place through diplomatic channels regarding the issue of GPS …

  • Finland accuses Russia of GPS failures during NATO exercises

    The Finnish Foreign Ministry said that they agree with the conclusions of the Norwegian military that the interference in the GPS navigation system during the NATO exercises was caused by Russia. Nevertheless,  in a statement published on its website, the Ministry said that it believed it was  inappropriate to disclose details of this case to the public, it was stated  .

    As noted by the ministry representative, the authorities continue to investigate the incident and are currently discussing …

  • Norway: Russia jammed GPS signal during NATO exercises

    The Norwegian Ministry of Defense claims that Russia, operating from the Kola Peninsula, interfered with the work of the satellite navigation systems (GPS), which were used by air traffic, during the NATO Trident juncture military exercises.

    The Aftenposten newspaper reported that the Norwegian Ministry of Defense sent a statement to the Norwegian Telegraph Bureau (NTB) accusing Russia of causing GPS failures.

    “We are monitoring the situation along with other departments concerned. It is …

  • Finnish Prime Minister: Russia might be responsible for GPS failures during NATO exercises

    During an interview with Yle news agency, the Prime Minister of Finland Juha Sipilä stated that he believes that the failures of the GPS navigation system that occurred during the NATO Trident Juncture military exercises can be attributed to Russia.

    “In technical terms, it is relatively easy to disrupt radio signals, and it is possible that Russia is behind this,” said Sipilä, adding that Russia has the means to do it. “This is a message to all countries participating in the military exercises, …

  • Military from 13 countries to take part in Finland's naval exercises

    The Northern Coasts Naval exercises will be held in the territorial waters of Finland. Yle news agency reports that thousands of military personnel and dozens of ships from 13 countries will be involved.

    The exercises will last for two weeks. About 3600 military will take part in the exercises. The military will practice  the joint international operation of naval forces during these exercises.

    “We started planning these exercises a year ago and informed Russia about our plans. Russia did not …

  • Recent Putin and Trump meeting costs Finland €1.7 million more than expected

    The expenses for a summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump increased from €4 million to €5.7 million, following amendments to the country's budget for 2018, according to an update posted to the Finnish government’s website.

    The expenses include the remuneration of police, border guard, defense forces and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The message did not specify what allocations each department received or whether they were increased.

    In July 2018, …

  • Russian tycoon Rotenberg files lawsuit against Scandinavian banks for failure to provide service because of sanctions

    Representatives of the Swedish banks Svenska Handelsbanken and Nordea, the Danish bank Danske Bank and their Finnish divisions have confirmed to the Finnish broadcasting corporation Yle that Russian businessman Boris Rotenberg filed lawsuits against them and accused them of violating their obligations.

    In early October, Rotenberg filed lawsuits against these banks and the Finnish OP Corporate Bank with the Helsinki District Court. The businessman alleged that the banks violated service …

  • Media: Russia might be preparing for military operation in Finland

    Russian authorities might be preparing for a military operation on the Turku archipelago in Finland, writes Iltalehti news, citing a military expert. According to the source, there are bunkers on the archipelago where Russia could store weapons and ammunition. This territory will have strategic meaning for Moscow in the event of conflict with NATO. 

    The expert believes that in the event of war in the Baltic Sea, Russia would have to block shipping and aviation to prevent supplies from reaching …