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  • Estonia starts a sudden call up of reservists

    According to ERR news agency, the government of Estonia decided at a meeting on Wednesday, October 31 to call 1,248 reservists for additional military training. This concerns the reservists, who are assigned to the 51st Logistics Battalion and who are assigned to the unit's mobilization reserve.

    The aim of additional military exercises is to review the functioning of the chain of command, starting with the decisions of the Estonian government and ending with the gathering of reservists from …

  • US builds new NATO facilities in Estonia

    New facilities for accommodation of NATO troops and equipment which were built using US-allocated funds were solemnly opened on Tuesday at Amari Air Base near Tallinn, reported the press service of the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces.

    According to Estonian Defense Minister Jüri Luik, the facilities, among which is a new hangar, a headquarters building and a platform for explosive goods, were built as part of the US Executive Defense International in Europe (EDI). The project cost …

  • Estonian travel agencies face criminal charges for organizing trips to annexed Crimea

    Estonian Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal investigation against several Estonian travel agencies suspected of organizing tourist trips to Ukraine’s territory, which was annexed by Russia, reports Postimees news website, with the reference to Estonian media.

    "The State Prosecutor’s Office confirms that on Tuesday, five Estonian travel agencies offices were searched based on the suspicion that they offer tourist trips to the Russian-occupied Crimea and Sevastopol, where, in accordance with …

  • Ukrainian nationals lead migration to Estonia

    Immigrants from Ukraine received three times more temporary residence permits in Estonia than applicants from all other countries combined this year, ERR portal reports, citing the Estonian Interior Ministry.

    In the first six months of this year, the Police and Border Guard Board of Estonia issued 1,268 temporary residence permits. Overall, 941 residence permits were received by citizens of Ukraine, 108 by Belarus, 95 by Russia, and another 124 by citizens of other countries.

    Ukrainians also …

  • Talinn: Skripal did not take part in exposing Russian spies in Estonia

    In response to the information of German media that the former officer of the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate, Sergei Skripal, helped expose Denis Metsavas and his father Peter Volin, the Estonian Internal Security Service (KaPo) said that Skripal has no relation to the spies exposed in the Estonia, the Interfax reports.

    "Skripal has no relation to any espionage cases in Estonia," the KaPo press service assured.

    Earlier, the German Focus magazine reported that Skripal could have …

  • German and Belgian fighter jets intercepted two Russian bombers over the Baltic Sea

    German and Belgian fighter jets intercepted two Russian supersonic bombers Tu-160 over the Baltic Sea, DPA news agency reported on Wednesday, September 26th, referring to a NATO representative.

    According to DPA, the Bundeswehr has confirmed this information.

    The incident occurred on September 25th, two of the six aircraft currently stationed in Amari airbase in Estonia participated in the interception.

    The fighter jets are stationed in Estonia as part of NATO’s observation mission of the …

  • Russian citizen arrested in Norway on suspicion of espionage

    Norwegian authorities reported the arrest of a Russian citizen on suspicion of illegal intelligence activities. The Norwegian news agency NTB reported on September 23 that the man was detained at Gardermoen Airport near the capital of Oslo on September 21. The agency reports that the man, whose name is not being disclosed, was taken into custody after a hearing in the Oslo District Court on September 22.

    He will be held for two weeks because of the evidence destruction risk, NTB cites …

  • Danske Bank CEO resigns over Russian money laundering scandal

    Danske Bank CEO Thomas Borgen has announced that he will resign once a replacement for him has been found. This decision comes as a result of a scandal in which money from Russia and the former Soviet Union was laundered through the bank’s Estonian branch, BBC reports.

    “It is clear that Danske Bank has failed to live up to its responsibility in the case of possible money laundering in Estonia. I deeply regret this,” he said. “Even though the investigation conducted by the external law firm …

  • Estonia begins largest naval exercises in its history

    The Mere-Siil (Sea Urchin) 2018 naval exercises, the largest in the history of Estonia began in Tallinn’s Mine Harbor. According to the press service of the Estonian Defense Forces Command, the activities of the naval command structures will be worked out and the reservists will undergo training during these exercises.

    Navy Commander Captain Yuri Saska explained that navy training on such a large scale had not been conducted for twenty-five years. He said that it would start with gathering and …

  • Media: $30 billion of Russian money passed through Danske Bank in Estonia

    Danske Bank in Copenhagen is slipping deeper into what may become the largest European money-laundering scandal, the Frankfurter Rundschau writes.

    Recently the media obtained information that “after inspection of documents from the bank’s internal investigation, it came out that in 2013 alone, $30 billion (€ 25.8 billion) from suspicious Russian sources passed through the bank’s branch in Estonia”.

    The volume of illicit monetary flows greatly exceeds the $10 billion of Russian dirty money …