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  • Gazprom compares the volume of US LNG supplies to Europe with drips of coffee

    At a meeting with investors in New York, Gazprom stated that supplies of American liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the European market are just a few drops in the background when compared to the volumes of natural resources supplied through pipelines by the Russian company.

    The company illustrated this idea in the form of an infographic. The infographic depicted a full cup of coffee on one side – representing Gazprom’s estimates of its own deliveries – and, on the other side, a magnifying glass …

  • Moldovan government endorses introducing phrase 'European integration' in the Constitution

    The Moldovan Government supports the introduction of a Constitutional article on the country’s European aspirations, as stated in a message on the website of the Government of Moldova.

    "Today the Cabinet of Ministers expressed a favorable opinion on the legislative initiative to amend the Constitution to highlight the country's European integration aspirations and promote the Republic of Moldova’s orientation towards the European democratic value space," the report said.

    The Ministers …

  • EU calls on Ukraine and Russia discuss future of the gas transit

    Maros Sefcovic, the European Commissioner for the Energy Union encouraged Russia and Ukraine to discuss the future of the transit of Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine after the Stockholm Arbitration passes its decision.

    “We have discussed the dynamics of exporting Russian gas over the past year and we’ve concluded that the export volumes were quite impressive, and that the transit of gas through Ukraine played a very important role supplying gas to Europe. From our viewpoint, this …

  • Journalist: US and EU intend to recognize spring elections in separatist-held territories of Ukraine

    According to information from inside the circles of the Russian President’s confidant, Vladislav Surkov, and the United States Special Representative for Ukrainian Negotiations, Kurt Volker, Surkov and Volker have already agreed on conducting Ukrainian Parliamentary elections this Spring in the separatist-held territories of Ukraine, under the oversight of the OSCE monitoring mission and with open borders, as Sergey Garmash, a journalist from Donetsk relayed to InfoResist news website.

    “The U. …

  • European Union: creation of an Anti-Corruption court is one of the most important reforms for Ukraine

    The European Union considers the creation of the Anti-Corruption Court in Ukraine to be one of the most important reforms for the country, as stated by the head of the Support Group for Ukraine in the European Commission, Peter Wagner, during the international round table "Ukraine: Prospects for 2018."

    "If we talk about what is expected from Ukraine outside the state itself, then we are talking about several agendas. At the moment, the creation of the high Anti-Corruption court is critically …

  • EU: the draft bill on the Anti-corruption Court contradicts Kyiv’s commitments

    The European Union formally criticized the Presidential Administration over the President’s submission of the draft bill on the Anti-corruption Court (ACC) contrary to Kyiv’s promises and the recommendations of the Venice Commission, according to a written statement by the EU press secretary published by Evropeiska Pravda.

    Brussels recalled that their Ukrainian partners repeatedly made the commitment to establish the ACC.  

    “The establishment of a truly independent and effective Anti- …

  • Ukraine ranked second in butter supply to the EU

    Ukraine became the second-ranked country after New Zealand to supply butter to the European Union, reported Trade Representative of Ukraine Nataliya Mykolska.

    "Ukraine ranked second after New Zealand in terms of butter supplies to the EU. In January-November 2017, the EU imported 2,300 tons of relevant products while annual supplies increased almost sevenfold compared to 2016," she wrote on Facebook.

    According to Mykolska, similar trends are being observed in the world market as well.

    " …

  • EU: assistance for Ukraine contingent on implementation of reforms

    Delays in the implementation of anti-corruption reforms could endanger not only the progress Ukraine has made in this direction, but also the European Union support of the country, as stated by the Office of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, in response to the open letter signed by RPR (Reanimation Package of Reforms) and a number of public organizations prior to the Association Council’s meeting on December 8th, Evropeyska Pravda reports.

    " …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister: EU will increase pressure on Russia next year

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said in an interview with Voice of America to expect an increase in international pressure on Russia in the form of expanded sanctions and increased security assistance to Ukraine next year.

    "The EU is beginning to understand that other steps are needed, because Russia is waging war not only against Ukraine, but against the institutions of the European Union. Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany are increasingly saying that such a …

  • Media: EU to extend economic sanctions against Russia on December 14

    On Thursday, before the EU summit, which will be held on December 14-15 in Brussels, the heads of state and governments of the EU member states will adopt the political decision to extend the sectoral economic sanctions against Russia, which were imposed for encroachment on the sovereignty and territory of Ukraine, reports Ukrinform news agency, citing a senior official of one of the EU governing bodies.

    “French President Emmanuel Macron and Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel will speak to the …