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  • Belarus opens cryptocurrency exchange

    Belarus has launched the first licensed and regulated cryptocurrency exchange in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

    The project was registered as part of the High Technologies Park (HTP) – a special economic zone which Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko established through the Decree on Development of Digital Economy.

    The HTP zone effectively has the status of a Belarusian IT offshore haven, with special tax concessions, elements of British law, and its own …

  • Draft resolution on withdrawal from the CIS registered in Moldovan Parliament

    Deputies of the Liberal Party of Moldova headed by Mihai Ghimpu registered in the local parliament a draft resolution on the withdrawal of Moldova from the Commonwealth of Independent States or CIS.

    According to the Moldovan news website NewsMaker, the authors explained that this initiative was triggered by repeated violations of the agreement by the Russian Federation. The liberals believe that this was evident in supporting the separatist regime in Transnistria, in military aggression …