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  • Spain says it has evidence of Russian interference in the Catalan referendum

    The authorities of Spain have reported intervention by groups from Russia during the referendum on Catalan independence in order to destabilize the Spanish state. Deutsche Welle reports that the country’s Defense and Foreign Affairs Ministers made a statement on this topic on Monday, November 13 in Brussels.

    They stressed that Spain has evidence that public and private groups in Russia and Venezuela, used Twitter, Facebook and other social networks and websites as part of a large-scale …

  • Spanish Government: Catalan crisis was instigated by Russian hackers

    Russian hackers worked to exacerbate relations between Spain and Catalonia by spreading messages on social networks, as stated by two Ministers from the Spanish government, DW reports.

    Spain's Minister of Defense, María Dolores de Cospedal, noted that many messages on social networks on the topic of Catalonia came from the Russian segment of the Internet, however it is unknown whether the Russian government is involved.

    The presence of evidence of an intervention by hackers from "Russian …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister: We cannot draw parallels between Catalonia and the Crimea

    Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin believes that parallels should not be drawn between Catalonia, which declared independence from Spain, and annexed Crimea because of the absence of Russian troops in the first case.

    "Imagine 2,000 Russian tanks and armored vehicles, thousands of Russian regular troops and tens of thousands of Russian mercenaries all in Catalina today. All this would be controlled by Russia... But in the sense of Russia's attempts to conduct a hybrid war …