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  • Canadian government allows supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine

    Canadian government has allowed Canadian defense companies to sell weapons to Ukraine.  Canadian officials hope that the step will influence the Trump administration to follow suit.

    Canadian media reports that Ukraine has been added to Canada's automatic firearms country control list.

    According to the website of the Canadian government, the decision was made on Nov. 23. It was released publicly on Wednesday, December 13.

    Last fall, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko asked Canadian Prime …

  • Canadian Parliament recommends that Ottawa supply lethal weapons to Ukraine

    The Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on National Defence (NDDN) has prepared a report advising the government to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons in order to enhance the capabilities of the Ukrainian army in confronting the Russian Federation.

    "We recommend that the Government of Canada provide lethal weapons to Ukraine to protect its sovereignty from Russian aggression," the document says. However, in turn, Ukraine must demonstrate that it is "actively working to eradicate …

  • In response to Ottawa’s sanctions Russia bans entry for many Canadians

    Russia banned the entry into the country for many Canadians, responding to new Canadian sanctions in connection with the recently adopted Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act– Canadian equivalent of the "Magnitsky Act", as stated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova.

    According to Zakharova, Moscow repeatedly warned the Canadian authorities against attempts to exert sanctions pressure on Russia.

    We have to act in a similar fashion. Based on the principle …

  • Canada may take part in construction of ammunition plant in Ukraine

    Canada may join the construction of an ammunition plant in Ukraine, according to the Minister of Defense, Stepan Poltorak, as indicated in a press briefing, RBC-Ukraine news agency reports.

    "We looked at the prospects for Canada to be included in the State’s e armament and equipment manufacturing. We also discussed the purchase of equipment and facilities from our Canadian friends and also discussed the accession of Canada to the ammunition plant construction in Ukraine," Poltorak said. …

  • Ukrainian President asks Canada to share satellite intelligence about Russia

    Petro Poroshenko has appealed to Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau with a request to grant Kyiv access to satellite reconnaissance data. The Ukrainian president himself spoke about this in an interview with the Canadian television channel CBC.

    As Poroshenko explained, Kyiv is interested in satellite images of the border with Russia. According to the Ukrainian authorities, the data that Canadian satellites can provide would help with tracking the movement of Russian troops in the Donbas. …

  • Poroshenko: Canadian business is ready to come to Ukraine

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has invited the representatives of Canadian business to Ukraine. A meeting was held in the course of Poroshenko’s working visit to Canada, as the President’s press service reports.

    "Earlier, Canadian Ukrainians invested in Ukraine to support the economy. At present, all Canadian business is ready to come [to Ukraine]. And I would like to say that it is the right time and place for investments,” the President emphasized, having added that Ukraine has high …

  • Canada considering supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine

    The Government of Canada is considering providing lethal weapons to Ukraine, as indicated by Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, during a press conference in Toronto after a meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. 

    "We are very much looking at the mechanism [of adding Ukraine] to the AFCCL (Automatic Firearms Country Control List), which is the list of countries able to receive exported Canadian automatic weapons. This is something that we are moving forward on. There is a …

  • 31 LGBT representatives from Chechnya received asylum in Canada

    The charity organization Rainbow Railroad helped 35 representatives of the LGBT community in Chechnya come to Canada, and 31 of them have received asylum, CBC News reported.

    “We are working on a program with the Canadian government which will make it possible for persecuted LGBT Chechens to enter the country,” Rainbow Railroad executive director Kimahli Powell told CBC News in an interview.

    According to him, the charity organization has already helped 140 members of the LGBT community from …

  • Canada sends warship to the Baltic Sea

    The Canadian Navy Frigate Charlottetown has set off for the Baltic Sea to participate in a NATO operation to contain Russia, reported the Ministry of Defense of Canada.

    "The deployment of HMCS Charlottetown demonstrates Canada’s ongoing commitment to international security and cooperation as part of NATO assurance and deterrence measures in Central and Eastern Europe," the Defense Ministry stressed.

    The Defense Ministry added that Charlottetown’s mission to the Baltic Sea will last 6 months, …

  • Canada has allocated $13 million for the development of the free trade zone with Ukraine

    Canada has allocated $13 million toward a program for the development and support of an agreement on a free trade zone (FTZ) between Ukraine and Canada.

    This was stated by the temporary controller of the program, Karim Morkos, the director of the development department of the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

    "Canada is not only eliminating taxation for most Ukrainian goods, but we have also invested $13 million in the development and support of a free trade agreement. We …