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  • Explosion in Russia linked to testing of new nuclear deterrent weapon

    The recent incident at a testing ground near Arkhangelsk, Russia, in which an explosion killed five people, continues to generate rumors, and experts are proposing new theories as to what happened. The Swiss news outlet Le Temps writes that “a new nuclear deterrent weapon” was being tested there.

    The newspaper cites a statement by a representative of the company Rosatom, who said after the incident that “the engine of a ship missile in the Navy’s armament was being tested at the testing ground” …

  • Local authorities advise residents to leave their homes after the explosion at the missile test site in Russia

    The authorities of the Russian city of Severodvinsk, which is located near the test site where a nuclear engine of a missile exploded, advised residents of the Nyonoksa village to leave their homes, reports Interfax news agency.

    As noted by the representative of the municipality, residents were asked to leave the village because of “the activities of the military in the area”. The Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov denied information about the evacuation of residents. However, the …

  • Russian nuclear agency provides details of explosion during missile tests

    The press service of Russian State company Rosatom reported, that a missile exploded during testing on a marine platform, and  in the end of the test the rocket fuel caught fire and caused the explosion, reports RBC news agency.

    As a result of the explosion, five employees of Rosatom, who were working with the radioisotope power source of the rocket, were killed, said Rosatom.

    "There was a confluence of various factors, which often occurs when new technologies are tested. Of course, our …

  • Russia tests nuclear power engine for its new Burevestnik cruise missile

    The nuclear power unit for Russia’s subsonic Burevestnik cruise missile successfully passed testing at one of the country’s testing ranges in January, which means that the Burevestnik missile will have a virtually unlimited flight range, TASS reports, citing a source in the missile construction sector.

    “In January at one of the testing ranges, the most important stage of testing for the Burevestnik subsonic missile system was successfully completed – the testing of the nuclear power unit,” the …