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  • Over the past week NATO detected Russian military aircraft over the Baltic 9 times

    During the period between August 5-11, NATO air patrol aircraft detected and escorted Russian aircraft nine times over the Baltics, reports Radio Liberty.

    According to the Lithuanian Defense Ministry, in most cases, Russian warplanes crossed into the in the country's airspace with transponders turned off. It was only on August 6 that a Russian warplane flew into Lithuanian airspace over the Baltic sea because of the "bad weather conditions," notes Lithuanian Defense Ministry.

    The Russian side …

  • Media: Families of Dutch NATO pilots were intimidated by individuals 'with Russian accent'

    Family members of Dutch pilots who conducted the NATO air patrol mission in the Baltic countries in 2017 received threatening phone calls, reports the Dutch newspaper NL Times.

    As noted, the wives and live-in girlfriends of the pilots of F-16 aircraft were repeatedly called by unknown persons "with a Russian accent," who, among other things, suggested that their husbands should leave the region and were interested what their wives think about the service in the Baltic. The women often receive …

  • NATO launches large-scale military exercise in Baltics

    Approximately 18,000 servicemen from 19 countries will take part in the US-led NATO Saber Strike military exercises, which began on Sunday, June 3, with a solemn ceremony in Vilnius.

    The exercises have been held annually since 2010. NATO battalions under the leadership of the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada currently deployed in the Baltic States and Poland will take part.

    “NATO [troops]…[are] being specifically tested during Saber Strike, and [these joint exercises] …

  • Lithuanian Ministry of Defense accuses Russia of 'simulating an attack' on Baltic states

    The head of the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, Raimundas Karoblis, said that during the Belarusian-Russian Zapad-2017 tactical exercises, Russia worked on the scenarios for an attack on the Baltic States, reported   Lithuanian newspaper Respublika.

    “The fact that Russia simulated an attack on all the Baltic countries is important,” Karoblis stressed. He noted that during the exercises there were obvious decisions made of a tactical and strategic nature, and there was actual bombing near the …

  • NATO Ramstein Alloy exercises begin in Baltic region

    On September 26, the NATO Ramstein Alloy air force maneuvers began in the Baltic region. The Ministry of Defense of Estonia reports that one of the objectives of the exercises is to develop cooperation in protecting the airspace of the Baltic States.

    The maneuvers will last two days. Military and equipment from Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, the USA, Belgium and Germany, as well as planes from NATO and Britain’s Royal Air Force are taking part in them.

    NATO aerial exercises have been held in the …

  • Latvia: During Zapad-2017 exercises Russia rehearsed a blockade of the Baltics

    The Ministry of Defense of Latvia has not yet released an official assessment of the Russia-Belarus joint exercises but Latvian Minister of Defense Raimonds Bergmanis informed Delfi news agency that many facts point to the Baltic blockade scenario being worked out already.

    Zapad 2017 officially ended on September 20. Although the active phase of the exercises is over, the Russian armed forces activities will continue, Bergmanis said. He noted that much attention was drawn to the exercises and, …

  • NATO aircraft escorted 21 Russian warplanes over the Baltics last week

    The pilots participating in the NATO air mission in the Baltic States flew over the Baltic Sea eight times last week to identify and escort a total of 21 Russian military aircraft, as reported by Delfi, citing the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania.

    About half of the escorted planes were fighters, the rest were transport and even passenger aircrafts. Many Russian transport aircrafts flew with their transmitters off.

    Further, 10 Russian aircraft had to be escorted by NATO aircrafts on Thursday, …

  • NATO exercises start in Baltic states

    On Tuesday and Wednesday the 25th and 26th of April, NATO Ramstein Alloy air force exercises take place in Baltic air space, primarily over Lithuania, Delfi reports, citing the Lithuanian Defense Ministry.

    The exercises will involve fighter jets from the Netherlands and Germany, which will take part in the NATO mission to patrol the Baltic airspace, aircraft from Poland and Norway, as well as transport planes from Lithuania, and US and NATO AWACS planes for air reconnaissance.

    The …

  • Latvian Defense Minister accused Russia of escalating the situation in the Baltics

    The Minister of Defense of Latvia, Raimonds Bergmanis, stated that Russia is responsible for the escalation of the situation in the Baltic region. At the same time, the Minister said on the Latvian TV program, Rīta Panorāma, that he doesn’t believe that part of the blame lies with NATO and Latvia.

    “The beginning of this tension has comes from Russia, which has been making large investments in the defense sector. The development is huge. Three new divisions were formed in the Western Military …

  • NATO fighter jets scrambled twice last week to escort Russian military aircraft over the Baltic Sea

    Last week, NATO fighter jets performing patrol missions over the Baltic States scrambled twice to escort Russian military aircraft, according to the website of the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defense. “From the 14-20th of November, NATO fighter jets patrolling the Baltic airspace scrambled twice to intercept Russian military aircraft,” the statement read.

    On the 14th of November, NATO fighter jets escorted a Russian IL-76 through the international airspace over the Baltic Sea. The aircraft …