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  • Russian opposition leader Navalny announces all-Russian protest against pension reform

    On Tuesday August 7, Russian opposition leader and founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (ACF) Alexei Navalny announced that he plans to hold an all-Russian protest on September 9, against raising the retirement age.

    On the same day, the election of mayor is to be held in Moscow as well as the election of the constituent heads of the Russian Federation’s subjects in 25 other regions. “There are no restrictions on carrying out protests on Election Day,” Navalny explained. “We want everyone …

  • Protests held in Russia over the increase in the pension age

    On Sunday, thousands of Russians protested the increase of the pension age. However, no demonstrations were held in the World Cup host cities due to a regulation banning protests in those cities for the duration of the Championship. The Sunday protests were led by supporters of the Kremlin’s most established opponent, Alexei Navalny.

    Navalny stated that his supporters organized protests in 39 cities throughout the country, from the Russian Pacific Coast to Murmansk. Most of the rallies were …