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  • Israel carries out airstrike in Syria

    The Syrian news agency SANA has reported a series of explosions caused by airstrikes near the Aleppo airport and the adjacent industrial zones. Israeli fighter jets are believed to be behind the attack.

    “At around 23:00 [local time] on Wednesday, our aerial defense systems repelled an Israeli aerial attack on a number of facilities in the Shaykh Najjar industrial zone north-east of Aleppo, and shot down several missiles,” SANA cites its source as saying. The losses were reportedly limited to “ …

  • Pro-Iranian and pro-Russian forces clash in Syria

    The Tiger Forces, an elite formation of the Syrian government army, have clashed with the 4th Armored Division, the Turkish Anadolu Agency reported, citing sources in Syria. According to the news agency, the Tiger Forces are backed by Russia, whereas the tank division, which is commanded by Bashar al-Assad’s brother General Maher al-Assad, is backed by Iran. 

    The encounter reportedly took place in Syria’s Hama province in the north-west of the country. Anadolu did not specify an exact date.  …

  • Russia sends a battalion of military police to Syria

    The head of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov reported on his VKontakte page that Russia sent a battalion of military police to Syria.

    “It’s not for the first time that our guys are honorably fulfilling their duty, demonstrating the same high level of combat training and professional skills. Each time, of course, we hope that it is the last one and that terrorism as a problem in Syria will end,” said the head of Ingushetia.

    Yevkurov said that the battalion was sent to Syria to carry out “special …

  • Russian military police begins patrols around Syria’s Manbij

    The Russian military police began patrols around the Syrian city of Manbij (Aleppo Province), entering into an area once held by US-backed Kurdish forces, stated Russian military police spokesman Yusup Mamatov on Tuesday.

    The Russian troops support the Syrian government forces that were recently deployed around Manbij, near the border with Turkey.

    Fearing a military attack from the Turkish side, Kurdish fighters invited the Syrian regime troops to Manbij at the end of last month after the …

  • Russia bombs Syrian insurgents after alleged use of chlorine

    Russian and the Syrian authorities accused the opponents of Syrian President Bashar-al Assad of shelling Aleppo with chemical munitions. Russian air force struck their positions in retaliation. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated on Sunday, November 25 that air strikes on the Western outskirts of Aleppo, near the Idlib province, have become the first in the northwest of Syria since September when Russia and Turkey agreed to the establish a buffer zone along the demarcation.

    The …

  • US representative to the UN: Russia committed crimes in Syria

    Nikki Haley, Permanent US Representative to the UN, while speaking on the protection of human rights at the UN Security Council on March 29, said that Russia and Iran are involved in the Assad regime’s annihilation of the population and civilian infrastructure in Aleppo. The US representative referred to this as “war crimes”.

    “Together with Russia and Iran, the Assad regime has destroyed every hospital in eastern Aleppo. Every single one. A quarter of a million people have been left to suffer. …

  • Poroshenko: Putin is creating an 'Aleppo' in the Donbas

    In an interview with the newspaper Bild, President Petro Poroshenko accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of creating of a Ukrainian ‘Aleppo’ in the Donbas, where Poroshenko claims separatists are deliberately attacking civilians.

    "The situation in some parts of eastern Ukraine is dramatic. We have clear evidence that civilians are deliberately being attacked. Putin is creating a Ukrainian Aleppo there," he said.

    According to him, Ukraine has tried many agreements, but Moscow does not …

  • Turkish Media: Assad's regime continues to violate the ceasefire in Syria

    Despite the ceasefire in Syria, Bashar al-Assad's regime continues to attack the opposition forces, as reported by the Anadolu news agency.

    According to the agency, Assad's army and pro-Iranian groups have been attacking the opposition's strongholds from the ground and air using heavy weapons.

    As a result of the strikes, two children were killed at the Kafr Dael settlement west of Aleppo.

    The opposition forces responded with artillery at the towns of Kefraya and Al-Fu'ah which are controlled …

  • Russian military police battalion arrives in Aleppo

    A Russian military police battalion has arrived in Aleppo, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced, as reported by Russia's Interfax news agency.

    "At the present time, the division has marched from the Khmeimim air base to the city of Aleppo to perform tasks as part of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in the Syrian Arab Republic,” the Ministry’s website stated.

    As part of the territorial departments of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides, the …

  • Putin congratulates Assad over Aleppo

    Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over the Syrian government’s victory in Aleppo, as stated by the Kremlin’s press service on Friday.

    "This success was made possible thanks to the joint efforts of all those who rallied in the fight against international terrorism in Syria," the press release stated.

    "Vladimir Putin emphasized that at the moment, the main task is to focus on issues relating to the promotion of the peaceful settlement, in particular, …