• NATO Saber Knight exercise begins in Estonia

    As reported by ERR, the press-service of the First Infantry Brigade declared that on Monday, May 30th, the Saber Knight international military exercises began in Tapa. More than 600 military personnel are participating.

    Staff exercises will continue until the 9th of June. Their main task is to practice planning and conducting military operations in the Baltic states. These exercises will involve readiness to repel an attack from a simulated state called "Botnia,” the statement said.

    Military …

  • Russian billionaire Grygoryshyn to receive Ukrainian citizenship

    Konstantyn Grygoryshyn, a Russian billionaire of Ukrainian origin who is accused of tax evasion in Russia, will receive Ukrainian citizenship. The report of the State Migration Service of Ukraine on the official website of the Migration Service has indicated the possibility.Grygoryshyn Konstantyn Ivanovych, a citizen of the Russian Federation and of the Republic of Cyprus, turned to one of the divisions of the Migration Service with an application for citizenship in Ukraine in a simplified …

  • Ukrainian Intelligence: 24,000 Russian servicemen are stationed in the Crimea

    The Main Directorate of intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine stated that there are about 24,000 Russian servicemen in annexed Crimea. They also noted that Russia continues to increase its military presence on the peninsula.

    “The Russian Federation continues deploying powerful joint force groups of its armed forces on the Crimean peninsula, which as of May of this year includes about 24,000 troops, 613 tanks and armored personnel carriers, 162 artillery systems, about 100 combat …

  • Stoltenberg: NATO to increase its troop levels in Poland

    NATO will strengthen its presence in Poland after the summit, which will be held in Warsaw in July.

    This was stated by NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, at a joint press conference with the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda.

    “We have agreed to intensify our presence in the eastern part of the Alliance. It will be an international presence,” Stoltenberg said.

    “We are still discussing the exact numbers and locations for this increased presence of NATO troops. We will be making a …

  • Lavrov: Sanctions against Russia provide 'a window of opportunity'

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that sanctions against the Russian Federation provide a window of opportunity, Rosbalt reported.

    "We regard the economic restrictions that apply to us today as a window of opportunity… This window of opportunity should be used to strengthen our food safety and to continue to diversify the economic sector,” Lavrov stated.

    "I would say that a pressing question for us is not about when anti-Russian sanctions are lifted... For us the crucial issue is …

  • National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine: Russia is going to forcibly create a land passage to the Crimea

    Russian troops are preparing to resume active offensive operations in eastern Ukraine. This was reported by the Deputy Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine, Mykhailo Koval during a session of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Verkhovna Rada, the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania and the Senate of Poland.

    According to Koval, offensive operations are being prepared “in order to reach the administrative border of Donetsk and Luhansk, as well as to create a land passage to Crimea”.

    “Ukraine …

  • Polish officer sentenced to six years in prison for spying for Russia

    On the 26th of April, Zbigniew Yu., a lieutenant-colonel in the Polish Army, was sentenced to six years in prison by the Warsaw Military Court. He was charged with spying for Russia.

    The Polish media reported that $4,300 and a telephone were confiscated. This was alleged to be his payment for the illegal activities. Yu. then made a deal with the prosecution and plead guilty to the charges.

    According to unofficial information, Yu. also gave the investigators the names of Polish servicemen who …

  • Ukraine to begin producing combat aircraft

    According to the Deputy Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ General Staff, Colonel Vladislav Shostak, it is expected that Ukrainian companies will begin to produce their own combat aircraft, Ukrinform reported.

    “We have an order for the production of combat aircraft, the executor of the project will be ASTC Antonov. We expect that the engines will be produced by Motor Sich,” Shostak stated.

    The Colonel noted that Ukraine is considering purchasing foreign-made equipment, but gives priority to …

  • Ukrainian naval ship held sea trials after renovations

    The missile boat Pryluky of the Ukrainian Navy conducted its first sea trials in Nikolaev after undergoing repairs and renovations. According to the press service of the Ministry of Defense, the boat left the Nikolaev Shipyard with the help of the tug boat Zuid.

    According to the Deputy Chief of the South Naval Base, the vessel was properly tested and has demonstrated readiness for action. The Nikolaev Shipyard claims that the main cycle of repair has been completed and further sea trials lie …

  • US Army in Europe Commander: Russia wants to destroy the unity of NATO and the EU

    Russia is trying to destroy the unity of the European Union (EU) and NATO. This was said by the Commander of the US Army Europe, Ben Hodges.

    “Russia wants to destroy the unity of the EU, to destroy NATO’s unity and to create weakness and division. I think they will continue to do so,” Hodges said. Georgia Online reports that he also believes that Russia wants to be treated “as a superpower”.

    “There are still 7,000 Russian military personnel in Georgia without any legal justification. Russia …