• OSCE: Human trafficking has increased considerably due to the war in eastern Ukraine

    The OSCE’s Special Representative and Coordinator to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings, Ambassador Madina Jarbussynova, announced at a press briefing that the war in eastern Ukraine has led to a significant increase in the number of people who find themselves in human trafficking networks.

    "Ukraine remains a country of origin, transit and the country of those who fall into the hands of traffickers. The crisis in Ukraine only increased the number of people who are at risk and end up in …

  • New rotation of Canadian military trainers to arrive in Ukraine

    A new contingent of approximately 200 Canadian soldiers will arrive in Ukraine within the framework of operation UNIFIER to help train Ukrainian soldiers, according to the website of the Canadian Ministry of Defense.

    Members of Western Canada’s 3rd Canadian Division from Western Canada will replace their colleagues from the 2nd Canadian Division from Quebec.

    “Since first deploying on this operation, this rotation [2nd Division] has not only contributed to training over 1700 Ukrainians on 46 …

  • Russians ask Putin to dismiss Medvedev

    Support for a petition demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister, leader of the ruling "United Russia," Dmitry Medvedev has accumulated more than 150,000 signatures in less than a day.

    "The man lives in his own world, and, according to his statements, he does not care a straw about the people". That comment from Omsk’s Roman Glebov is leading in popularity among Change.org members, gaining more than 8,000 "likes."

    "Dmitry Anatolyevich completely undermines the people's faith in the …

  • Obama: We must test Russia to see if we can cooperate in Syria

    At a press conference at the Pentagon, US President Barack Obama said he does not trust Russia to cooperate militarily with the US to bring peace in Syria, but the proposition must be tested.

    The US State Department recently announced that it is pursuing military cooperation with Russia to end the war in Syria, a proposal over which some defense officials have expressed concern.

    When asked why he trusts Moscow to cooperate, Obama said "I am not confident that we can trust the Russians and …

  • Latvia detects Russian submarine near its borders

    The Latvian Armed Forces detected a Russian submarine near Latvian territorial waters. This was reported on an the official Twitter account of the Armed Forces of Latvia.

    “A Russian class 'Kilo' submarine was detected on August 4 at a distance of 7 nautical miles from the Latvian border,” the statement on Twitter reads.

    With the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine and the deterioration of relations with the West, Russian ships and aircraft have strayed increasingly close to the borders of …

  • Lithuania criticizes Russia for issuing coin commemorating liberation of Vilnius

    The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry is outraged by the issue of a Russian coin dedicated to the liberation of Vilnius in 1944, the political director of the ministry, Rolandas Kačinskas, told BNS news agency.

    According to him, such a move confirms that Russia has not accepted the “historical truth about the Soviet occupation of Baltics.”

    A commemorative silver coin with the nominal value of five Russian rubles was issued by the Bank of Russia on August 1. It depicts a now-disassembled monument to …

  • Ukraine and Russia to resume cooperation on uranium production

    Ukraine and Russia have signed a contract on the delivery and processing of raw uranium materials. Russian TASS news agency reported that this was announced by the Director of the International Centre for Uranium Enrichment, Gleb Yefremov.

    Ukrainian State Enterprise, Yaderne Palyvo, will send its uranium to Russia for enrichment, and it will be subsequently used for its nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

    “The contract was approved by the shareholders at a meeting held on the 31st of July, and …

  • Groysman: Ukraine intends to increase its energy independence through nuclear power and renewable energy

    Ukraine intends to increase its energy independence by increasing the electricity generation at nuclear and hydroelectric power plants, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Groysman, said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

    "The development of alternative energy is in wind, water and sun. These areas can give us up to 10% of needed electricity, while today provides only 1%. We also have huge potential in the field of nuclear energy – up to 60% of electricity can be produced at nuclear …

  • Gazeta Wyborcza: Russia is preparing for major military operations

    Russia's armed forces are planning to hold about 4000 maneuvers before the end of the year, according to Deputy Defense Minister General Dmitry Bulgakov, Gazeta Wyborcza reports. As early as August 15th, the Caucasus 16 military exercises will be held in the Southern Military District, which is located close to the Ukrainian border.

    Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu recently boasted about the strengthening of the force near the Ukrainian borders. According to Shoygu, due to the fact that " …

  • 12,000 Russian youth are involved in the military-patriotic movement 'Unarmia'

    12,000 Russian youth are members of the Unarmia (Young Army).

    A military-patriotic movement, Unarmia, was registered in Russia that will be engaged in youth military training as announced by the First Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation, Sergei Gerasimov, Interfax reported.

    Gerasimov provided the registration certificate to the Chief of the Unarmia staff, the Olympic Champion, Dmitry Trunenkov.

    "In accordance with the law on public associations, on the 29th of July, 2016 the …