• British politician says Russia shouldn't be allowed to host World Cup

    The former Deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain, Nick Clegg, believes that Russia should forfeit the right to host the 2018 World Cup.

    “It might be a silly thing. It is ludicrous that Russia is going to hold the World Cup in 2018. What world are we in? That they basically abuse people’s human rights on that scale, barbarism in Aleppo, and we will prepare to play football in Moscow in 2018? I think if FIFA had any moral mettle to it at all, it will now say that Russia has forfeited any right …

  • Levada Center poll finds 31% of Russians considered elections 'unfair'

    According to a survey by the Levada-Center, nearly a third (31%) of Russians believe that the State Duma elections were not fair, reported Interfax.

    Half of residents of the country (46%) are convinced that the elections were not fair. Another 22% could not answer the question.

    A fifth of the population of the Russian Federation (18%) believes that there were no violations when counting votes. A third of the respondents (30%) reported minor violations; 13% believe that violations were “quite …

  • Turkish MFA: Ankara will continue to support the Crimean Tatars

    According to a spokesman of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Tanju Bilgiçit, it is deeply regrettable that the Russian Supreme Court has decided to uphold the ban on the activities of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars, Anadolu reported.

    According to him, Turkey's position on the issue of their support of the Crimean Tatars remains unchanged.

    “We will continue to support the Crimean Tatars in the face of pressure,” Bilgiç said.

    “The Crimean Tatars make legitimate demands through democratic and …

  • IMF asks Ukraine to show results in the fight against corruption

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has urged Kyiv to expedite the implementation of necessary reforms to stabilize the economic situation in the country. The IMF also expects Kyiv to show concrete results of their fight against corruption. This was stated in a report of the IMF mission, which was published on the 3rd of October.

    According to the IMF, these reforms are still being met with opposition in Kyiv. The organization mainly requires a pension reform, and the creation of a special …

  • NATO will continue its policy of pressuring Moscow to implement agreements in Ukraine

    The Deputy Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Alexander Vershbow, stated that NATO intends to keep pressure on Moscow until it begins to implement previously undertaken obligations on the Ukrainian issue, European Pravda reported. According to Vershbow, the security situation in the Euro-Atlantic region has significantly deteriorated due to annexation of the Crimea by Russia in 2014 and the subsequent participation of Russian servicemen in the Donbas.

    Meanwhile, …

  • Ukraine hopes to receive $1 billion tranche from IMF

    Ukraine hopes to receive the fourth part of funds, in the amount of $1 billion under the guarantee of the U.S Government, Interfax-Ukraine reported, citing the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

    “In addition to the continuation of technical assistance, we look forward to further cooperation in an effort the get $1 billion under the guarantee of the U.S. Government. The loan guarantees will provide for urgent budget needs at low interest rates based on the results of the implementation of reforms,” …

  • McFaul is worried that Trump adviser will be appointed as US Ambassador to Russia

    There are fears in the US that one of Donald Trump’s advisors may become an official representative of the country. Trump is currently running for president as the official candidate of the Republican Party.

    “I would be worried if one of Trump’s advisers became our next ambassador to Russia,” the former US ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, said to Politico newspaper.

    The diplomat went on to say that there is concern about “many statements made in relation to Russia”.

    The Republican …

  • PayPal blocked accounts of a Russian company accused of cyber-attacks against the US

    PayPal, a worldwide online payments system, has blocked the personal and corporate accounts of King Servers company, from whose servers the cyber-attack on the U.S. election systems was performed. The company’s owner, Vladimir Fomenko informed RIA Novosti of this development.

    American experts have previously declared that King Servers, whose owner lives in the city of Biysk, Altai region, owns six of the eight IP-addresses uncovered by the FBI in connection with the hacking investigation. It …

  • General Hodges: The core of US tank brigade in Europe will be deployed to Poland

    The Commander of the U.S. Army in Europe, Frederick Ben Hodges, stated that a U.S. heavy tank brigade, which will be deployed in Europe to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank, will be based in Romania and Bulgaria but the core part of this brigade will be in Poland.

    According to Hodges, the brigade will arrive from Colorado in mid-January 2017 to Bremerhaven, Germany, then it will be rapidly deployed to Western Poland.

    “Thus, the whole brigade will be in place and then the process, which we call …

  • Lavrov: Positive cooperation between Russia and the US will not work on the basis of ultimatums

    After the suspension of the agreement with the United States on plutonium disposition, Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov stated that the United States will not be able to cooperate with Russia on the basis of ultimatums.

    “The decisions we have taken will not work. The signal from Washington [is that they are] trying to talk with Russia from a position of strength, using language of sanctions and ultimatums and at the same time continuing the selected cooperation with our country only in …