• Kremlin Spends up to $2 Billion per Year on International Anti-Ukrainian Information Campaign

    The Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Vadym Prystaiko, said in his interview with Glavkom that Russia spends about $2 billion a year on its international anti-Ukraine campaign. “Moscow spends about $2 billion on promoting the policies of the Party abroad,” Prystaiko stated, noting that this money is used to fund mass media, such as Life News, Sputnik News, Russia Today and others. He noted that this was the amount estimated by Ukrainian diplomats and this figure could be higher.

    “How did we …

  • Russian Military Observers Accused of Intending to Distribute Instruction Manuals for Weapons in Ukraine

    Ukrainian law enforcement authorities have accused two Russian military observers of attempting to distribute instruction manuals for rocket launchers, hand grenades, and mines, as well as teaching material concerning modern tank warfare, as reported by Interfax on February 9th.

    “On the 2nd of February 2016, our investigation brought a criminal case under Article 333 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (violation of the procedure for transfer of goods, which are subject to State control). The …

  • Turkey's FIBA Holding puts Russian Bank up for Sale

    Russia’s business daily, Kommersant, reported that the bank with the largest holdings of Turkish capital, Credit Europe Bank, is for sale in Russia. According to the representatives of the publication, the sale is being made due to the deterioration of Russian-Turkish relations, as well as the overall economic stagnation in Russia. One of the sources in the banking market reported that the search for potential buyers for Credit Europe Bank started in the middle of January.

    Financial giant  …

  • Poroshenko: MPs shouldn't have absolute parliamentary immunity

    On the 9th of February, at a meeting with employees of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, the President of Ukraine stated that MPs don't need absolute parliamentary immunity.

    “I didn’t wait until the People’s Deputies took the initiative to develop draft constitutional amendments concerning the revocation of parliamentary immunity. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine voted in favor of it and for sending it to the Constitutional Court. Then, they became very busy and they didn’t have the …

  • IMF Recommends that Ukraine Raise Excise Tax on Alcohol and Tobacco

    By increasing the excise tax on cigarettes and beer, Ukraine will add approximately UAH 28.7 billion and UAH 4.5 billion to its budget, respectively in 2016, as stated in a report by the International Monetary Fund. The text of this report was made available to the Ukrainian news agency UKRINFORM.

    Based on the IMF estimates, by increasing the excise tax on tobacco by 40% Ukraine would receive an income of UAH 28.7 billion (1.3% of GDP) this year.  Raising the excise tax on beer by 100% would …

  • Ukrainian Ambassador to Czech Republic demands that a map depicting Crimea as part of Russia be fixed

    The Ukrainian Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Boris Zaychuk, demanded that the Czech publisher, Ottovo Nakladatelství, rectify a map of Ukraine in their “World Atlas of Football” edition in order for it to be in accordance with national law.

    “In this atlas, Crimea is colored the same as Russia.  In addition, the general map of the world in this edition does not show Crimea as a part of Ukraine.  Therefore, the map violates international law and ignores the consolidated position of the EU …

  • Traffic blocked in Crimea due to transport of Russian military equipment

    In the Crimean city of Simferopol, traffic was blocked for 40 minutes on Thursday due to the transport of Russian military equipment. The column of military hardware was being transported from Sevastopol to Belogorsk, reported Krym.Realii.

    The column of equipment from Russia's Black Sea Fleet included armored fighting vehicles, KAMAZ cars for personnel transport, Ural vehicles, and field kitchens.

    Since the annexation of Crimea, the movement of Russian military equipment on the peninsula has …

  • US proposes spending nearly $1 Billion to support democracy in former Soviet states in 2017

    According to President Obama's budget plan for 2017, $953 million will be allocated to the US State Department to support democratic societies and develop anti-corruption programs in Russia’s neighboring countries.

    As reported by the media citing officials, the money is allocated under the article “to deter Russian aggression using public diplomacy and aid programs, and to establish sustainable government in Europe”.

    “It refers to anti-corruption programs, establishing energy security …

  • Canadian Doctors to Give Free Reconstructive Surgery to Ukrainian Veterans in Kiev

    In Kiev, on February 19 – 28, 2016, Canadian doctors will provide free reconstructive surgery to wounded Ukrainian soldiers and Maidan activists.

    As a correspondent of UKRINFORM reported, this initiative was organized by the Canadian-Ukrainian Fund in cooperation with the government of Canada.  "All operations will be free.  It is expected that there will be about 30-40 patients," the Fund informed.

    To carry out this mission, the government of Canada has invested 1.2 million Canadian dollars.  …

  • Merkel 'shocked' by Russian air strikes in Syria

    German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has reminded all that the UN Security Council resolution on Syria calls for an end to indiscriminate attacks and in particular, attacks from the air.

    Merkel also condemned the Russian bombings in Syria which have forced tens of thousands of civilians to flee.

    She went on to say that she was “terrified” by the results of the air strikes and suggested that they violated the UN Security Council resolution that was signed by Moscow in December.

    Speaking in …