• Polish customs control introduces stronger measures at Russian border crossings

    Polish customs officers introduced enhanced control measures on the border with Russia, Lenta.ru reported. The measures affected people crossing the Russian-Polish border. As a result, delays can be expected at checkpoints. These changes by the Polish customs officers is related to the NATO Summit and World Youth Day being held in Poland in the near future.

    As Interfax reported, citing local residents, long queues at the border have become the norm. According to a representative of the Agency, …

  • Head of Crimea: We need to defend the 'Russian World'

    “The Crimea is at the forefront of the informational, ideological and economic wars started against ‘the Russian world',” the head of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, said at the forum “Russian World: problems and prospects” held in the Levada Palace in Yalta.

    "We need to mobilize our ideology and spirit. We need to unite around the traditional values, around the program of our national leader, Vladimir Putin,” Aksyonov stated.

    He explained that spirituality and morality are the basis of the “Russian …

  • Mass layoffs expected in Ukraine's Prosecutor General's office

    The newly appointed Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Valentyna Telychenko, who is responsible for the office reform, announced that there will be mass lay-offs of the staff, starting with those that have taken bribes.  

    "We want to have a Prosecutor’s Office of the European standard…Salary is a very important element of the reforms but first of all the Prosecutor’s Offices need to get rid of those who have shamed it in the eyes of society. By that, I mean, non-professionals who are living …

  • US A-10 aircraft to carry out training flights in Latvia

    US A-10C Warthog ground attack aircraft will carry out low altitude flights in Latvia, Delfi reported with reference to the National Armed Forces of Latvia.

    The Warthogs will carry out low altitude training flights for the reported purpose of maintaining and refining the pilots’ skills and combat readiness.

    The flights will take place from June 13th to 16th in seven districts in Latvia.

    The Armed Forces of Latvia announced that the flights will be carried out in accordance with international …

  • US destroyer sent to the Black Sea

    A US Naval destroyer will enter the Black Sea on Monday to conduct exercises with partner navies, according to a statement issued by the US 6th Fleet.

    “While in the Black Sea, the USS Porter will conduct port visits and bilateral exercises with partner navies. The ship's operations in the Black Sea are meant to enhance maritime security and stability, readiness, and naval capability with our allies and partners,” the statement read.

    “US vessels routinely operate in the Black Sea region to …

  • Ukrainian police to begin training in Turkey

    On Sunday, the first group of Ukrainian police officers left for training in Turkey, UNIAN reported with reference to the National Police of Ukraine.

    Twenty-two police officers will spend a week in Turkey training with Turkish law enforcement agencies.

    The exercises will focus on tactics during mass events.

    According to one Ukrainian officer, Olesya Emelyanovich, it is very important that Ukrainian police possess such skills.

    Approximately 3,000 Ukrainian police officers will be trained in …

  • US Special Envoy Adam Szubin to travel to EU to call for maintaing sanctions against Russia

    On the 3rd of June, the United States Treasury Department reported that the U.S. will send a Special Envoy, Adam Szubin, to Paris and Berlin. Szubin will arrive in Europe on June 7th in order to convince European allies of the importance of maintaining sanctions against Russia.

    The Acting Treasury Under-Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Adam Szubin, will meet with high-level officials from economic and financial ministries and also with diplomats, and representatives of the …

  • Ukraine's General Prosecutor says case against Yanukovych should be brought to an end

    Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko stated during a meeting with representatives of the U.S. Congress on the 4th of June, that he believes that GPU should bring old cases, especially the case of the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, to an end, the press service of regulatory agency reports.

    It was stated that Lutsenko fully supports the transfer of all investigative functions of the Prosecutor’s Office to the newly-established National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the State …

  • First mistral class carrier, initially built for Russia, arrives in Egypt

    One of the two mistral class helicopter carriers originally built for Russia by France was transferred to Egypt, the radio station France Bleu reported.

    A ceremony took place in the port of Saint-Nazaire, during which an Egyptian flag was raised above the ship.The second ship will be delivered in September. This was previously reported by French military expert Philippe Chapleau, who also said that the mistral carriers were given Egyptian names.

    "The former 'Sevastopol' and 'Vladivostok' will …

  • Lavrov: OSCE monitors can be allowed to carry personal firearms

    Moscow does not mind if OSCE observers carry personal firearms, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

    “Russia is ready to offer a compromise and agree that the OSCE observers stationed at the front line in eastern Ukraine carry personal arms,” Lavrov said during an interview with the Russian “Saturday News” TV program.

    “We said, as long as this helps the common objective, we are ready to give our consent that the group of observers who will be monitoring the contact line and the …