Anti-Russian painting of Lugansk teen shook social networks

Social media is taken by a painting of a 15 year old girl from the city of Kreminna, Luhansk region. The young artist reflects her vision on Russia.

The picture was originally published on Facebook by Vladimir Fitio.

"I was mesmerised by the painting. I got this painting as a gift from a young artist in Lugansk region of Eastern Ukraine. This is how nowadays teenagers see everything Russian. That's how teens relate to all things Russian. This generation is our future and we'll stand till our …

Russian Airlines to lose tens of millions of dollars due to Ukrainian Sanctions.

Russian airlines could suffer increased costs of tens of millions of dollars due to Ukrainian sanctions imposed earlier this week. The sanctions will bar them from flying through Ukraine's territory, extending flight times to popular destinations by up to 40 minutes, the TASS news agency reported Thursday.

The Russian airline industry is already struggling with the country's recession, which has collapsed demand for international travel and forced government bailouts and industry consolidation. …

Ukraine Navy to buy new vessels

According to Vice Adm. Sergey Hayduk, the commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Ukraine is plannig to sell the Navy’s cruiser Ukraina and use the funds to purchase new military vessels.

"The proceedings from its sale will be used to build new ships," Hayduk said, as reported by local broadcaster Espreso TV.It is reported that up to 80 percent of the weapons and navigation equipment installed onboard the Ukraina were acquired from Russia, and they are not produced by the Ukrainian defense industry. …

To win the war. Two things that will make Ukraine successful.

To win the war. Two things that will make Ukraine successful.

by Radoslav Sikorsky of Poland.

Shock therapy in Ukraine will be much more painful because of the war.In Poland, reforms were carried out very quickly. Parliament adopted 30 of the first laws that created a new economic system in the country. This process was named "shock therapy". As a result of rapid reforms in extreme political conditions, Poland made a leap forward.

Ukraine is in a different situation, because there were no …

50 years since Soviet Union nuked its own people

More than half a century ago, the Soviet Union dropped an nuclear bomb on its citizens.The operation "Snowball" killed around 43,000 soviet people. The Soviets were much more humane than the US: the atomic bombs dropped on it's own people instead of foreign nationals.Residents of Orenburg region remember the events of September 14, 1954 when Totsky nuclear test site was selected to be a part of military exercises commanded by Marshal Zhukov.A nuclear bomb with the capacity of 40 kilotons of TNT …