• Greenpeace and WWF imposed restrictions against Russia

    Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have initiated new international restrictions against the development of Russian sports and industry. This was reported by Infox news portal  and Russian Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper.

    Infox referred to a document testifying to the WWF’s active participation in the anti-Russian campaign with regard to sports. In October last year, the International Olympic Committee in Switzerland received a letter from the head of the WWF, Marco Lambertini. …

  • Another Russian casualty in Syria reported

    According to the official data, 20 Russian servicemen have been killed during the operation in Syria. The Russian media sources reported that Russian soldier Asker Bizhoev, from the Russian Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, was killed in Syria, referring to the information received from the head of the Republic, Yury Kokov.

    According to him, Bizhoev was posthumously awarded the Russian Order of Courage. Kokov expressed hope that the “memory of the hero will remain in the hearts of residents of …

  • Russia will not allow the OSCE mission in the Crimea

    Moscow will not grant the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission access to the Crimea, as stated by the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation at the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich, RIA Novosti reports.

    "The Crimea is a Russian territory. We had already stipulated long ago, that the mission has nothing to do with the Crimea as it is a part of the Russian Federation. But our Western colleagues interpret this to mean the whole territory of Ukraine, including the Crimea," he said.

    According to …

  • Experts: Russia would use the whole arsenal of weapons based in Crimea in event of full-scale war

    Experts from the Ukrainian Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies stated at a press conference in Kiev that the Russian Federation has militarized the Crimea in an unprecedented fashion, and it will actively use weapons that are already based in the Crimea in the case of full-scale military actions in the territory of Ukraine.

    “A very powerful group consisting of aviation and Russian Military Space Forces, cruise missile carriers, submarines and ships was gathered in the Crimea. …

  • Balkan countries are concerned about Russia's participation in military exercises in Serbia

    South-Eastern Europe is concerned about the Russian Federation’s impending participation in military exercises that will be conducted in Serbia in September and October.

    Former Ukrainian Ambassador to Croatia Markian Lubkivskyi, who is also the coordinator of Valentin Nalyvaychenko’s public movement “Justice” wrote on his blog on LB.ua that “At a time when Russia is escalating the situation with the Crimea, South-Eastern Europe is increasingly worrying. It is seriously concerned about the …

  • Russian citizen demands that his taxes be returned that were spent on the Crimea

    Dmitry Kalinin, a lawyer from the Russian city of Uralsk, has tried to get his taxes, which were spent by the Russian Government to support the Crimea, returned. He feels that the peninsula’s annexation is illegal. He sent an application and a demand to the Russian Ministry of Finance.

    Kalinin substantiated his demands by mentioning the fact that a referendum on the possibility of the accession of a new territory has not been conducted in Russia.

    The Russian Ministry of Finance responded that …

  • Medvedev: Russia could sever diplomatic ties with Ukraine

    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated on Friday that Russia could severe diplomatic relations with Ukraine in the light of current security issues between the two countries. 

    “If there is no other option to influence the situation, the president can probably make such a decision,” Dmitry Medvedev stated, as reported by state media.

    This is the first time such measures have been mentioned. The possibility of severing diplomatic relations was not discussed after Russia’s annexation of …

  • Russia transfers S400 air defense system to the Crimea

    The anti-aircraft missile defense regiment of the Russian army in the Crimea has received S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft systems, the Russian BBC service reported, citing the Russian Southern Military District press service.

    “After the completion of preparations and redeployment, the newly equipped regiment will take part in the Kavkaz 2016 strategic command and staff military exercises,” the statement reads.

    Before redeployment, the S-400 air defense missile system was tested on the Kaban …

  • Mogherini calls on Ukraine and Russia to avoid escalation of the conflict in Crimea

    High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini called on Ukraine and Russia to avoid a further escalation of the conflict in Crimea, according to a statement posted on the EU’s website.

     “Any actions that could lead to a further escalation of the conflict must be avoided by all sides; a peaceful resolution of the conflict is the only possible solution. This includes eastern Ukraine, where we urge all parties to fully engage in the complete …

  • Russia to conduct naval exercises in the Mediterranean Sea

    On August 15, a Russian surface action group will hold tactical exercises in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. As reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense's press service, the agency is planning to test the ability of their fleet to counter terrorist threats.

    Russian Naval ships based in the Mediterranean Sea will take part in the tactical exercises. Serpukhov and Zeleny Dol small missile ships, which are already en route from the stationing port in Sevastopol in the Black Sea to …