• Ukrainian Ministry wants to teach Crimeans how to bypass Russian internet bans

    The Minister for Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine, Vadym Chernysh, feels that it is necessary to start teaching Crimeans how to use technology to evade Russian internet bans. He stated this in an interview with Krym.Realii.

    This ministry was established on the 20th of April based on the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

    According to Chernysh, the ministry will create technology to allow communication with Crimeans. They will then teach the …

  • More than 100 Tatars detained at a Mosque in Crimea

    Several dozen armed men, allegedly belonging to the Russian OMON riot police, raided a mosque in Crimea, detaining about 100 Tatars. The detainees were then loaded onto a bus and taken away towards an unknown location.

    "It was reported that 30 to 50 armed men raided the mosque.. more than 100 Muslims were taken away in an unknown direction," lawyer Emile Kurbedinov wrote on Facebook.

    The Tatars were later released, but ordered to report to the police station. 

    "We have information the …

  • Ex-governor of the Luhansk region says there is a plan for the 'deoccupation of the Donbas'

    In an interview with Hromadske Radio, the Deputy Minister for the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and the former head of administration for Luhansk, Georgiy Tuka, said that he has not ruled out the possibility of trade with the so-called Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic.  

    “There are two opposite points of view, of which the first is fencing off areas with barbed wire.  This however is absolutely destructive.  The population will mentally distance itself from …

  • Yanukovych's defense promises to present his explanation of the events of Maidan

    The office of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine (GPU) has claimed that the defense team of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych will explain what happened during the Revolution of Dignity.

    According to the head of the special investigations department of the GPU, Sergey Gorbatyuk, Yanukovych's lawyers have promised that they will provide an explanation after the May holidays.

    Last summer, the office of the GPU had asked Yanukovych to appear for questioning but he did not arrive. His …

  • India chooses Ukrainian An-178 cargo plane over Russian Il-214

    Russian aircraft experts are concerned that India suspended a preliminary contract for the development and production cargo aircraft for the country. According to the contract, Russia was to build Il-214.

    However, according to Russian expert Vladimir Tuchkov, recent actions by India show that Delhi intended to terminate the contract with Russia and sign a similar contract with Ukraine. Unlike the Russian Il-214 which has not been tested, Ukraine has proposed the An-178 which has already been …

  • Ukraine and Romania sign agreement on visa-free travel

    The Foreign Ministry’s press service reported that the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Romania, Pavlo Klimkin and Lazăr Comănescu signed an agreement on the 6th of May on the waiver of fees for the registration of Romanian, long-term stay (national) visas for Ukrainians.

    The Agreement was signed during the working meeting of the Ministers that will take place in the urban-type settlement Solotvyno. The Consulate of Romania will be opened before the meeting in Solotvyno.

    The press …

  • Poland bans Russian journalist from entering Schengen zone until 2020

    Polish authorities have banned a Russian correspondent from Rossiya Segodnya, Leonid Sviridov, from entering the country and other states in the Schengen zone until December 2020, says the journalist’s lawyer, Yaroslav Helstovsky.

    According to the lawyer, Poland's Foreign Office explained that the journalist’s presence in the country violates Polish interests.

    Sviridov left the country in December 2015 after Polish authorities from the Internal Security Agency revoked Sviridov's accreditation …

  • European Parliament to adopt a resolution on human rights abuses against Crimean Tatars

    The European Parliament will adopt a resolution concerning the human rights violations of Crimean Tatars

    The European Parliament will hold a debate and adopt a resolution on violations by the Russian Federation of the rights of Crimean Tatars in the occupied Crimea, as was noted on the agenda of the next plenary meeting of the EU legislature which will be held on 9-12 May in Strasbourg.

    "Debates and vote on a resolution on human rights violations of Crimean Tatars, standards of democracy and …

  • Poland accuses lawyer of spying for Russia

    “Stanislav Sh.” may get a prison sentence of up to ten years in Poland for cooperating with the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Federation, radio Zet reported. The indictment on this case was filed by the Prosecutor’s Office.

    The man known as “Stanislav Sh.” is likely Stanislav S. Shipov, former lawyer of one of the Warsaw law firms and son of Sergey Shipov, the former Soviet-era football goalkeeper, who moved to Poland with his family in 1991. Stanislav is officially accused of …

  • Switzerland suspects Russian involvement in cyber attacks

    The Ministry of Defense of Switzerland was attacked in January and Russia is likely behind it.

    According to Tagesanzeiger, the Federal Intelligence Service of Switzerland (NDB) found that at the beginning of 2016, the defense company Ruag “was constantly hacked.” As a result, “a significant amount of information was leaked” including “strictly confidential information.”

    On January 25th, the Public Prosecutor’s Office filed a case of suspected economic espionage. According to Swiss …