• US F-15s arrive in Finland for joint training flights

    US F-15 fighter planes arrived at the Finnish air base Rissala on Friday where they will take part in joint training flights with Finnish fighters. They will also participate in the Finnish-Swedish exercise Cross Border Training (CBT), as reported by Yle.

    It is the first time that American fighters will be based on Finnish territory. Earlier, US aircraft took part in flights within the framework of exercises in the air space of the country, but without taking off and landing from Finnish …

  • Polish Minister of National Defense: The EU should be prepared for all forms of Russian aggression

    The Polish Minister of National Defense, Antoni Macierewicz, believes that European countries must be prepared not only for hybrid aggression but also for other Russian tactics.

    “All European states agree that Russia’s attack against Ukraine is a precedent for breach of the peace in Europe. I don’t believe that formally everything is fine. It is about the aggression of one country against another; it is about occupation. Crimea is occupied, part of Donbas is occupied,” Macierewicz stated in …

  • The US and the EU support energy reforms in Ukraine

    The USA, the EU and Canada will work closely with Ukraine towards its gradual integration into the European energy market.

    The Unites States of America and the European Union expressed support for energy reforms in Ukraine and strongly opposed the use of energy resources as weapons in the political arena. This was outlined in the joint statement of the USA and the EU following the meeting of the Council on Energy that took place on May 4, 2016, Deutsche Welle reported.

    The United States …

  • India chooses Ukrainian An-178 cargo plane over Russian Il-214

    Russian aircraft experts are concerned that India suspended a preliminary contract for the development and production cargo aircraft for the country. According to the contract, Russia was to build Il-214.

    However, according to Russian expert Vladimir Tuchkov, recent actions by India show that Delhi intended to terminate the contract with Russia and sign a similar contract with Ukraine. Unlike the Russian Il-214 which has not been tested, Ukraine has proposed the An-178 which has already been …

  • Ukraine and Romania sign agreement on visa-free travel

    The Foreign Ministry’s press service reported that the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Romania, Pavlo Klimkin and Lazăr Comănescu signed an agreement on the 6th of May on the waiver of fees for the registration of Romanian, long-term stay (national) visas for Ukrainians.

    The Agreement was signed during the working meeting of the Ministers that will take place in the urban-type settlement Solotvyno. The Consulate of Romania will be opened before the meeting in Solotvyno.

    The press …