Ukrainian MP: if there was no corruption in Ukraine it would not need assistance from IMF

It is convenient for Ukrainian authorities to blame all the problems and the adoption of controversial decisions on the alleged claims of the IMF. At the same time, the country has enough internal resources not to require additional funds from the IMF. To do this, it is necessary to move funds out of the shadow economy and fight corruption, as expressed by the People's Deputy of Ukraine, Serhiy Taruta, on the Narod Protyv (People are against)  program on ZIK TV Channel.

"Autumn re-elections are being actively discussed now. This is done in order to gain time and deceive the West; not to comply with IMF requirements, not to create an Anti-Corruption Court, and not to implement reforms. This will enable the authorities to say that we have had re-elections. This is being actively discussed and will be one of the possible scenarios for the development of the political situation in the country," Taruta said.

According to the MP, reliance on the IMF funds is an extreme measure for the Ukrainian economy.

"The IMF is like an ambulance. They come when the country's economy is dying. The IMF helps those to whom banks will no longer give loans and who are not trusted by the investment funds. But the trouble with Ukraine is that we have been riding in this "ambulance" for more than 20 years. Imagine a patient who decided not to be treated, but instead to stay an ambulance connected to an artificial respiration device," said Taruta.

The parliamentarian noted that our government refuses to "cure" the country, but instead prefers "to ride in the ambulance" because it is convenient for it to ignore all problems and the adoption of controversial decisions being required based on the alleged claims of the IMF.

In his opinion, Ukraine has enough internal resources to do without the IMF, which is why it is necessary to remove funds out of the shadow economy and fight corruption.

"We need to rely on internal resources, on the resources of the NBU. 50% of the economy works in a shadow, and the population holds tens of billions dollars. All these resources can and should be utilized to work for the economy. For this to happen, it is necessary to restore confidence in the government and state institutions. The eradication of corruption would be enough for Ukraine not to borrow money from the IMF anymore," Taruta concluded.

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