Right Sector said it will resort to 'civil detention' if participants of Church procession use Russian imperial symbols

Pravyi Sektor, or “Right Sector” (a far-right Ukrainian nationalist political party), is going to visit the final part of the all-Ukrainian procession of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, to be held in Kiev on July 27, 2016. Members of the organization have promised to resort to “civil detention” if the participants of the procession use the Imperial Symbols or St. George's ribbon.

“Not only the battalion of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) has the intention to do so. I am aware of the existence of at least four action teams that will try to prevent the occurrence of the procession to Kiev,” the speaker of the Pravyi Sektor, Anton Skoropadsky, said in an interview with Obozrevatel.

“If the authorities allow them to pass and they will be surrounded by hundreds of police officers then there is no sense in arranging a massacre. However, if there is at least one Imperial Flag or a ribbon of St. George, we will try to prevent attempts of provocation by civil detention,” he promised.