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  • Kiev insists on Russia's immediate release of Crimean political prisoner Afanasiev

    Ukraine is deeply concerned about the continued torture of Gennadiy Afanasiev, an Ukrainian prisoner who is being illegally detained in Russia.  This alleged torture is conducted at the hands of the employees of the Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation.  A report by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine also mentioned Afanasiev’s inhumane treatment and the continuous violation of his rights.

    “We demand that the Russian Federation respect the rights of the illegal prisoner and …

  • OSCE: 90% of violations occur on separatist-held territory in eastern Ukraine

    The Duputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine, Alexander Hug, stated that, “More than ninety percent of the violations in the area of the ATO are carried out on the territories outside the control of the Ukrainian government” in an interview with the Ukrainian News.

    In particular, according to him, such violations often involve the restriction of access of the members of the mission to certain areas. He reminded the parties they must allow observers free …

  • IMF concerned by resignation of Ukrainian Economic Minister

    The decision of Aivaras Abromavičius to resign as the Minister of Economic Development and Tradeof Ukraine has created concern in the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

    According to Interfax Ukraine, this was stated as a press conference in Washington by the Managing Director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde.

    “His decision to resign is a matter of concern.  If the suspicions he expressed when he communicated his intention to resign are reliable, it is a clear sign that the undertakings made by …

  • Disagreements Emerge between Poroshenko and Cabinet of Ministers over IMF Loan

    Disagreements have emerged between the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, and the Cabinet of Ministers, headed by Arseniy Yatseniuk, over the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan, as reported by Apostrophe, citing a source in diplomatic circles.

    The final version of the Memorandum, which outlines the obligations of both the IMF and Ukraine, is not yet ready. After the adoption of the budget for 2016 and changes in the tax code, the IMF received a proposal from the Cabinet of Ministers  …

  • Abromavičius refuses to withdraw resignation

    The Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Aivaras Abromavičius, did not withdraw his resignation after a meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

    This was reported by the Press Service of the Ministry. The decision was taken after a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, in which several ministers withdrew their applications of resignation.

    On Thursday, Abromavičius met with Prime Minister Yatsenyuk as well as other ministers where they discussed issues related …

  • IMF Delays next Installment of Loan to Kiev

    According to Apostrophe, a source in the Ukrainian Government stated that the International Monetary Fund, which is the key creditor of Kiev, has delayed the next installment within its loan program, which Ukraine is expecting to arrive this month.

    The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, the Minister of Finance, Natalie Jaresko, and the Chairwoman of the National Bank of Ukraine, Valeriya Hontaryeva, have discussed the economic situation in the country and the provision of the next loan …

  • Ukraine's Foreign Exchange Reserves increase to 13.4 billion dollars

    As of January 2016, the international reserves of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) have increased from 100 million dollars to 13.4 billion dollars.This was reported by the head of the NBU, Valery Gontareva, at a parliamentary meeting held in Kiev on Wednesday.“We haven’t lost a single penny of our stocks in January, which is a good sign,” she said.Gontareva originally predicted reserve growth this year to be between 15 and 18 billion dollars.  However, this prediction failed due to the pause …

  • European satellites broadcast Ukrainian TV channels to Crimea

    The population of Crimea is presently viewing Ukrainian television channels via a satellite owned by a number of European companies.  At the same time, Crimean TV stations are trying to retransmit their programs through less popular satellites due to the current economic sanctions.

    The Adviser to the Minister on the Crimean Information Policy, Emine Jeppar, commented on the matter.

    “The Ministry on the Crimean Information Policy is aware of the issue of the channel retransmission by the …

  • The OSCE has Documented an Increase in Attacks in Eastern Ukraine

    On February 1st, the Special Mission of the OSCE recorded 337 explosions in the Donbas region and on February 2nd, almost five times more.

    The Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) of the OSCE observed numerous violations of the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine as stated in the observer’s report from February 2nd, published on the official website of the OSCE.

    In particular, the observers recorded 337 explosions on February 1st and 1,614 on February 2nd, including those fired from heavy weapons. "On …

  • Western ambassadors in Kiev 'disappointed' by resignation of Ukrainian Minister of Economy

    Diplomats say that Ukraine’s former Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Aivaras Abromavičius, and his advisers sought to overcome the corruption that hinders the development of Ukraine.

    Diplomatic representatives of six Western countries issued a joint statement in Kiev with regard to the resignation of Abromavičius.  The Ambassadors of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Sweden have expressed “deep disappointment” at the resignation of Abromavičius and his group of advisers. …